Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly grocery shopping...

Well, it wasn't beautiful and it wasn't ugly.  It just was.  Neither of us were very impressed with the Marsh (or Kroger!) ad so we just went for what we needed really.

6 Food Club shredded cheese was $16.14 for $9.00

Psh.  Is it sad that that's my one "deal" of the trip?  Probably so.  We bought more items...another 30 to be exact but that includes our normal purchases of items like milk, yogurt, fresh fruit and veggies, a few canned items, two packs of taco seasoning (yeah, yeah - I should consider making my own), lunch meat and...yep, you guessed it - cheddar pasta salad from the deli.

In total we spent $50.82 and saved $19.62 (or 28%).  Nothing exciting or awesome or out of this world.  Just a normal grocery trip for us.  I think I've fallen off the deal getting wagon or something.  I must need to find my way back up!

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