Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This isn't exactly a blog but I found a really cool tool!

In the midst of my Total Money Makeover with Dave Ramsey, I've wanted to try and figure what my debt snowball would be (without paying the monthly fee at TMMO to do so) and found this AWESOME calculator.  Basically you list your debts, the balances, the interest rates and the monthly payments and then plug in the amount you pay on them each month (just the amount or add extra to see how it changes) and it will calculate for you when you will be debt free. 

This calculator tells Brian and I that we'll be debt free (except our mortgage) in July of 2011 - that's only 15 months until we can call Dave Ramsey and scream "WE'RE DEBT FREE!!!"  Which is a moment I can hardly wait for...

Vertex42.com's "goal is to help people manage their time, their finances, and their careers, by providing simple tools in the form of high quality spreadsheet templates, calculators, calendars, resumes, and articles that are designed to educate and increase productivity."  Wow...what more could a person ask for!?  This website is full of amazing spreadsheets (and if you're any sort of nerd like I am, you'll totally love them). 

Enjoy the calculator and anything else you find - I'm sure there is something out there for everyone!

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