Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stopped in at Kroger on Monday night...

I had a few coupons that matched up really well with some items on sale. 

5 Mentos gum was $7.95 for $2.25
10 Kroger bacon pieces (pre-cooked, we use 'em in salads and cheeseballs) was $22.90 for $10.00
2.26lb red grapes was $4.50 for $2.19
1 apricot preserves for $2.58
1 Dial soap was $1.89 for $.30

I spent $17.72 and saved $22.50 or 56%!

I was so excited to find the bacon pieces on sale - what a great deal!  I make this killer apricot cheeseball and the recipe requires bacon pieces so I'll have enough now to make it through the summer (I hope!).  And I sure do love getting Mentos gum (my fave) for only $.45 per bottle.  Love it!

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