Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Marsh ad highlights - 4/8 to 4/14

Need some 10/$10 items?  This is the week to do it at Marsh!  You realize that if Hunt's SnackPack pudding is on sale 10/$10 (or any item) that you don't have to buy 10, right?  You can but just one and pay $1?  You can walk in and buy just ONE of any 10/$10 item and buy just that one thing and only pay $1.  You do not even have to buy 10 of anything...  It's kinda a gimmick and lots of people get taken by it.  Consider yourself learned.  :)

10/$10 items include:
Hunt's Snack pack (go to here to Money Saving Mom to find info on a rebate for Con Agra foods which includes Hunt's Snack packs - spend $10, get $25 worth of coupons!)
Chey Boyardee pasta (a Con Agra product)
Eckrich Honey Loaf
Oscar Mayer lunchables
Emge roll sausage
Eckrich pepperoni
Purnell's sausage gravy
Manwich (another Con Agra product)
Sunny Delight
Red Gold Ketchup
Tony's Pizzas
Food Club pasta
Food Club pizza bites
Quaker Rice cakes (and if there are coupons out there...this can often be had for FREE - this saves $11.90 or more on ten!)
Food Club bbq sauce
Del Monte Fruit
Jolly Time popcorn (save $23.90 or more on ten!)
Little Hug drinks
Hunt's pasta sauce
Ro*Tel (another Con Agra product)
Blue Bonnet spread
Daisy sour cream
Lemonade cups
Dial hand soap (match with recent $.35 coupons, double to $.70 for a final price of $.30/each)
GE Light Bulbs
The Works bowl cleaner
Marsh bread
Betty Crocker (select items)
Lipton sides (pasta or rice)
Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad (save $13.90 or more on ten!)
Bar S franks
Mildord Valley Farms Kiev
Brown 'N Serve sausage
Glaceau Vitamin water, All Sport drinks, Lipton, Gold Peak, Fuze or Premium Snapple tea
David sunflower seeds
Mike & Ike or Hot Tamales
Reser's dip
Hershey's milk, milk shakes or Shamrock Farms milk (match with recent $.50 coupons for FREE Shamrock milk!)
Haagen-Dazs, Silhouette Skinny Cow or Edy's ice cream

B1G1 FREE items include:
Keebler Zesta saltines
Ken's marinade or salad dressing
Nature's Pride bread
Crystal Light drinks
Ideal sweetener
Spice World minced garlic

Other items to check out:
Perdue boneless, skinless breasts - $1.98/lb (save $2.01/lb)
2lb strawberries - $2.98 (save $2.91)
Hormel Always Tender pork tenderloin - $5.99 (match with recent $1.00 coupons for $4.99 final price, save $2.00)
Peter Pan peanut butter - 2/$3 (another Con Agra product)

And that's it...  For the items I'm interested in and ALL of the 10/$10 and B1G1 FREE items.  Good luck!

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