Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Marsh ad highlights - 4/1 to 4/7

April?  April!?  It's APRIL already!  Happy April all!  Marsh is still pushing the "Easter specials", none of which I'm too impressed with.  Those deals end on Sunday at closing so if you're needing ham, turkey or other Easter meal fixin's get it before Sunday.

The rest of the ad includes goodies like:
Boneless rump or round roast - $1.98/lb (save $2.21/lb)
Lay's potato chips - $1.99 (save $2.00)
Sargento cheese - 50% off
Hormel sliced bacon - 2/$5 (save $4.98 on two)
Stokely's or Libby's canned veggies - 2/$1 (save $.98 on two)
Fresh asparagus - $1.98/lb (save $2.01/lb)
10lb bag Idaho Russet potatoes - B1G1 free
Ore-Ida frozen potatoes - 3/$5 (save $4.86 or more when you buy three in one transaction)
Eckrich deli ham - $4.49/lb (save $1.50/lb)
New York breads - 2/$5
TFI Friday's or Poppers - 50% off
Sara Lee pies or Cool Whip - 50% off
Dole fruit - 5/$5
Domino sugar (1lb boxes) - 5/$5 (if there have been recent coupons...this can make for free/cheap sugar)
Sweet Baby Ray's - B1G1 free
Cheez-It or Tom's snacks - B1G1 free
French's fried onions - $2.99 (match with recent $.50 coupons for $1.99 cans - not the best price but pretty good)
Pasta or Rice a Roni - 5/$5

AND...  That's it for me!  There is a lot more for sale though, be sure to check out the whole ad, go through your coupons and see what matches up well for you!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not the normal kind of budget blog I follow...

but I've found Frugal Dad to have some pretty good stuff!  He doesn't mention Dave Ramsey out right but seems to follow those principals - no debt, save for for a rainy day, spend less than you make - that DR teaches as well.  His "About" page describes him and what he's been through and he sounds like a 'been there, done that' kinda guy - not someone who doesn't follow what he preaches!

I hope you'll find something on Frugal Dad to keep you entertained!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Walmart trip today...had to do some price matching!

Meijer had 24packs of Coke (and Pepsi) products on sale for $4.96 and since Brian was out of Coke Zero we decided to stock up.

4 Coke Zero was $23.84 (Walmart's price) for $19.84
3 Wheat Thin crackers was $8.94 for $-.06 (yes, Walmart paid me to buy the Wheat Thins)
1 Ritz Munchables (the new half pretzel/half crisp cracker) was $2.98 for $.98
1 30ct trash bag $3.42
2 bananas $.36

I spent $26.17 and saved $15.00, saving about 36% - not too shabby.  What really helped was having four $2.00 off when you buy Coke/Nabisco products AND the Wheat Thins having peelies on the front of them for $1.00 off each.  Those coupons alone saved me $11.00, the price match was pretty small.  It was better than nothing though!

Weekly Marsh shopping trip...

When I saw the Marsh ad on Wednesday I wasn't super impressed.  It wasn't a BAD ad...there were just a few things I was interested in.  There was nothing that I was over the moon about.  So I made up my list and gathered my coupons and headed out with Missy Miss since Brian was working all weekend. 

3 Aunt Millie's bread was $9.57 for $2.64
1 Kellogg's Smart Kids fruit snacks was $2.99 for $.49 (had a $1.50 off Vocal Point coupon and they were on sale for $1.99)
2 Pillsbury brownies was $4.30 for $2.00
1 Kashi Heart-to-Heart cracker was $3.19 for $0.00 (had a coupon for a FREE item - from signing up for a free sample some time ago)
5 Quaker Oats 18oz containers was $14.40 for $2.45
3 Perdue split chicken breasts was $17.13 for $5.62
2 Oscar Mayer bacon was $11.58 for $4.29
4 Bob Evans roll sausage was $15.96 for $8.00

Along with some fresh fruit, milk, yogurt, sour cream,and some pasta salad and lunch meat from the deli we totaled out at $42.10, saving $56.65 or 57%.

We purchased 32 items for a $1.31 price per item cost.  The biggest part of the savings was in Fresh Idea savings ($36.53) but the coupons, coupon doubling and Aunt Millies B1G2 (yes two!) free saved me $20.12 - woohoo!

Did you see the Snuggle coupon for $3.00 in yesterday's inserts?

Wanna get some FREE (or even way cheap) laundry softner?  Check out Common Sense with Money for a list of stores and their prices.  Be sure to check the comment section too - there are lots of people who have added info about other stores and prices.

Good luck!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm Booking It!

I know that LifeAsMom only updates on Booking It 2010 once a month but I have been reading too much to do that.  I feel like I need to share more often or I'll forget what I've been reading!  With my last update I had just finished books nine and 10 on my way to read 52 for the year.  That was March 5th...  As of Wednesday night (the 24th) I had finished numbers 11, 12, 13 and 14 and have picked up number 15.  Here's what I've read most recently:

Push: A Novel by Sapphire

Wow... What a book! Usually when Short Stack and I go to the library we'll get her books first (she says I take too long) and then I get mine and before we leave we'll sit at a table and read for a bit before heading home. I opened this book first that day and knew before the bottom of the first page I was going to like it. That was on Sunday after lunch and I finished it by breakfast on Monday... When we went to Menard's later Sunday afternoon I made Brian drive so I could read, I read on the way home too (and before bed and when I woke up and ate breakfast - that's when I finished it).

I don't know how to say this without sounding like a moron or potentially offending someone but I have to say, I had a hard time sometimes getting through the words. The words are spelled how Precious (the main character) would say them (and probably how they are pronounced in the movie too) and when I first saw "muver" it took me a second to realize it was mother. And that "tesses" was tests. Once I realized though that that was how the book was written, I picked up on it much quicker.

The subject at times was heavy and hard to read.  I can't imagine facing the abuse that Precious faced at the hands of her mother and father.  I know it happens but it is not an easy subject to read about.  I picked up this book because of the awards that the movie based on the book won at the Academy Awards.  I'm not the type to watch a movie after reading a book (the movie always ruins it for me!) but I just might have to watch this one...

Sante Fe Sunrise
I recently put a request out on Facebook for suggested authors and/or books to read and someone suggested Kathryn Fuller.  I picked up this book by her and read it in a day also.  It's a historical romance and was a very easy read.  It was predictable (as I think most romance stories are) but I enjoyed it still.  I put another of her books on my list to pick up tomorrow...

Jack and Jill
Ahhhhh...James Patterson!!!  I *love* him.  Seriously.  His books keep me up at night and are definite page turners!  This one included two different serial murderers - one attacking children near where Alex Cross lives and the other attacking famous people/politicians with sights on the President of the United States.  Even though I have read all of these books (at least once!) it's been long enough that I can't remember the details and I hang onto every word.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
I picked this one out after seeing it read by several others who are also participating in Booking It 2010.  I am so glad I picked it up!  Mary Ann Shafer and her niece Annie Barrows have put together an excellent read.  It took me a bit to get into this one.  The book is written as letters from one person to another and there are several people writing to each other and I was so confused at first!  Once I figured out who was who (and where they were too) it was a good book.  This was about the German occupation of the Guernsey Islands and at times was hard to read as well.  While this was fiction - you know that the things describe were probably based on fact and so hard to fathom.  A very good read!

And then on Thursday I picked up a book called House Calls and Hitching Posts by Dorcas Sharp Hoover about a doctor in Amish Country, Ohio who practiced medicine in a way many doctors wouldn't have starting in the 1960's.  I'll probably have it finished today and hope to hit the library later today or tomorrow after church for a few more books to keep me busy!

Have you read anything good lately?  Leave me a comment and let me know - I'm always looking for a good read!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunday Coupon preview - there are two inserts this Sunday, March 28th

Be on the lookout for both a Smart Source and a Valassis (Red Plum).  As I was looking through both lists, I wasn't too excited until I came to the Snuggle coupon...for $3.00 off!!!  It's good on any 32oz liquid or 70 count sheet item and that is going to get me some CHEAP laundry softner.

Valassis (Red Plum)
Make sure you check out the Caress, Dove, Lever 2000, Kellogg's cereals, Snuggle and Wish Bone dressing coupons - they've got some high value ones in there (and with the Wish Bone...there is Wish Bone dressing on sale at Marsh this week!).

Smart Source
The only two in the Smart Source that I'm digging are for Campbell's soup and Johnson's body care items.  There are several more coupons listed though so check it out!

And don't Sunday is Easter Sunday and there will be NO coupon inserts in the weekend papers.  Enjoy your clip free weekend and spend some special time with family and friends.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Marsh ad highlights: 3/25 to 3/31

Well, I'm just not that impressed with this week's ad.  I guess it's a good thing I blew the budget last week, I'll be making it up this week!

On sale this week:
Sugardale Prestige Hardwood smoked ham - $.77/lb (save $1.02/lb) - limit one
Cook's or Cumberland Gap semi-boneless whole ham - $1.38/lb (save $1.01/lb) - limit one
Indiana Kitchen Heritage House spiral sliced ham - $1.77/lb (save $1.22/lb)
Fresh All Natural Butter Ball turkey - $1.49/lb (save $1.00/lb) - save $3.00 with in-ad coupon
Frozen Norbest or Jennie-O turkey breasts - $.99/lb (save $.80 or more /lb)
Assorted pork chops - $.98/lb (save $1.51/lb)
Boneless English roast - $1.98/lb (save $2.51/lb)
Oscar Mayer bacon - B1G1 free
Dole salad blends - B1G1 free
Aunt Millie's bread or buns - B1G2 (yes TWO) free
Perdue split breasts - $.98/lb (save $2.01/lb) - limit three
Bob Evans roll sausage - 2/$5 (matched with recent $.25 coupons will get you a roll for $2.00)
Betty Crocker boxed potatoes - 10/$10 (matched with recent $.35 or $.40 coupons will get you a box for $.20 to .$30)
Orville Redenbacher - B1G1 free
Pillsbury brownie mix - 10/$10
Quaker Oats - $1.49 (matched with recent $.50 coupons will get you a container for $.49)
Del Monte Gold whole pineapples (that will be gone in one sitting at our house) - $2.99 (save $1.00)

And that's it for me...nothing too exciting and everything I can live without.  Maybe you'll find something that will fill a special spot in your stockpile or menu plan though.  Good luck!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sadly, I have no blogs to share.

Not for a lack of blogs but because we got a new computer and I don't have access to my favorites list where all the cool blogs I saved were listed!

So, that'll have to wait until next week.

I thought I would share about the coupon fairy that visited me on Sunday at Kohls though.  On Saturday, Miss Priss and I took my granny to go shopping and while there we looked at Easter dresses at Kohls.  We were just shopping around, as I knew Brian would want to be there for the final decision.  The next day we were near a different Kohls so we stopped and found a super cute dress (that twirls out VERY well...which is very important and was actually the deciding factor in this dress) and it was 50% off.  Woohoo for that!  As we approached the line a very nice lady gave us a coupon and said she was done with was for another 15% off!  So we actually bought two dresses, the Easter dress and a Jumping Beans dress (which I LOVE this brand of dresses!) and only spent $30.01 - an extra $4.95 more than we had figured we would due to the awesome coupon fairy!  We saved $37.95 on our total purchase.  Love it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Mega Sale trip to Marsh...

*is what was part of the Mega Sale event...each item was on sale and had an extra $.50 taken off of the sale price PLUS I had coupons for most of those items

3 Charmin Ultra was $27.54 for $17.97
1lb Sara Lee deli meat was $7.92 for $4.67
*2 Kraft slices was $4.98 for $2.98
2 Green Giant steamers was $3.98 for $1.72
*3 Yoplait Yoplus was $8.07 for -$.03 (yep, I got a smidge of overage!)
*1 Fiber One yogurt was $2.69 for -$.01 (yep, another whole penny of overage!)
*2 Yoplait smoothies was $7.18 for $1.98
*5 Kraft Philly cream cheese was $8.45 for $4.95
*2 Apple Jacks was $6.18 for $2.98
4 Creamette pastas was $6.76 for $3.38
2 Cocoa Pebbles (my fave!) was $6.78 for $2.32
*11 Hamburger Helpers was $17.93 for $6.09 (and eight of these are going to church for "pack the pantry"
*2 Betty Crocker cake mixes was $3.70 for $.38
*2 Betty Crocker frostings was $4.38 for $.98
6 Prego spaghetti sauces was $14.10 for $8.34
4 packs (appx 2lbs/pack) rump roast was $39.18 for $18.51

Along with some fresh fruit and veggies, some odds and ends for Brian's work dinner Thursday night, milk, some other yogurt for LeeAnn and of course...LeeAnn's FAVORITE deli pasta salad our total was $96.22. Before my Marsh Fresh Idea card and coupons the total was $193.39 - whoa! We saved $96.55 - a very even 50%.

Manufacturer coupons: 14.55
Bonus coupons (what doubled): 4.55
Fresh Idea savings (what was on sale with using the card): 62.45
My Hometown Market Savings (the Mega Sale discount): 15.00

I love it! And I love Marsh too...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunday 2/21 coupons: One Smart Source and one Valassis (Red Plum)

Once again, I'm taking the lazy way out of the coupon preview.  Here are links to The Coupon Clippers' listings for each insert.  Enjoy!

Smart Source
Valassis (Red Plum)

I just realized I didn't share a couple trips to Kroger for last month's budget...

After this trip I immediately put these receipts into my budget spreadsheet for the month because I knew it was the last trip I was making before the new month started and I wanted to keep them with all the others so I could do my budget update for groceries.  And since I just did that I realized I didn't post about either of these trips.  They were actually both the same day, at the same time even I just did them in two seperate transactions to utilize catalina coupons I was getting back.

So first I bought:
2 Dove men's body wash was $7.98 for $4.48
2 Dove men's bar soap was $6.00 for $3.50

My total spent was $8.96 and I saved $7.12, which was 47%.  Then when I purchased two Dove for men I got a $2 I got $4 in catalina's for that transaction.

My second transaction was:
1 Bounty was $10.28 for $5.49
1 Dawn dish soap was $2.99 for $.99
1 Tampax was $8.63 for $4.49
3 Blistex was $4.20 for $1.05
3 Gillette body washes was $12.96 for $4.09
1 Olay body wash was $3.89 for $.89
1 Crest toothpaste w/ attached toothbrush was $3.89 for $.89

And then I also had the $4 in catalina's from the first transaction.  So my total spent was $16.05 and I saved $25.28 or 64%.  I purchased 11 items for a $1.46 per item price...which for what I bough was pretty darn good I think.

So thanks to Kroger - Brian is set on body wash type stuff for a little while at least.

Week of 2/12 through Week of 3/5 grocery budget

2/13 CVS - spent 2.32, saved 21.96 (used gift cards)
2/13 CVS - spent 4.90, saved 21.99 (used gift cards)
2/14 Marsh - spent 44.93, saved 53.38 (55%)
2/21 Marsh - spent 43.45, saved 18.80 (30%)
2/23 Schulz - spent 30.31, saved ?
2/24 Marsh - spent 6.00, saved 3.30 (35%) - for church "pack the pantry"
2/24 Marsh - spent 1.30, saved 0.00 (breakfast one day for work at Marsh!)
2/27 Sears - spent 5.34, saved 0.00 (belt for vacuum)
2/28 Walmart - spent 45.20, saved 9.00 (just in coupons, had some price matching as well)
2/28 Marsh - spent 49.40, saved 68.05 (58%)
3/7 Marsh - spent 64.20, saved 41.27 (39%)
3/10  Kroger - spent 16.05, saved 25.28 (64%)
3/10  Kroger - spent 8.96, saved 7.12 (47%)

342.89 total spending (including CVS purchases w/ gift cards)
298.94 cash spent
270.15 total saved (including savings @ CVS w/ gift cards)
226.20 saved (plus whatever price matching savings at Walmart and sale price on meat at Schulz)

525.14 is what I should have spent (excluding CVS stuff...just looking at cash purchases and savings)
So I saved between 40 and 45% on my grocery trips this past month.  AND I stayed under my cash budget!  Unreal...this is the first month of tracking that I've actually done that.  Here's to another good month!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Marsh ad highlights - 3/18 to 3/24

Looks like another great week at Marsh! They are breaking out another Mega Sale where if you receive $5 off instantly when you buy 10 participating items in one transaction. The ad says there is NO limit to the sale either - for every 10 items you can save $5 as much as you want. It also says there are hundreds of items throughout the store on sale - so there might even be items not listed in the ad, keep your eyes open and your coupons with you!

There are so many items in this sale that I can't list them all... What I'm listing are what I'll be checking out this week! Prices listed are the FINAL PRICE (the price you'll pay if you purchase 10 items...basically, the price minus $.50). Keep in mind, many of these items are on sale and then have this Mega Sale too.

Kraft cheese - $1.49
Chicken, Tuna or Hamburger Helper - $.69 (matched with $.75 off three coupons can bring the total down to only $.44 per box)
select Kellogg's cereals - $1.49
Velveeta shells and cheese - $.99
Crispy or Zesta saltines - $.99 (I don't think I need anymore but this is a GOOD price)
Betty Croker cake mixes - $.69
Betty Crocker brownie or cookie mix - $1.49
Ritz crackers - $2.49
Nabisco crackers - $1.99
Kraft dressing - $1.79
Dean's cottage cheese - $.99
Kraft Philly cream cheese - $.99
Yoplait Yogurt - $.99 (matched with recent $.50 coupons will get you FREE yogurt)
Betty Crocker frosting - $.99 (matched with recent $.50 coupons will get you FREE frosting)
Yoplait Smoothies - $1.99 (matched with recent $1.00 coupons will get you CHEAP smoothies)

Also on sale:
Cumberland Gap boneless ham - $1.67/lb (save $1.12/lb)
Western style pork ribs or pork steaks - $.98/lb (save $1.21/lb)
Boneless rump or round roast - $1.98/lb (save $2.21/lb)
Post Cereals (including Cocoa Pebbles - woohoo!!!) - $1.66
Marsh bread - $.99
Sara Lee ham or turkey deli meat - $5.99/lb (save $1.70/lb)
Creamette pasta - B1G1 free
Prego - $1.89
Starkist tuna pouches - 5/$5 (matched with a VocalPoint coupon can get you FREE tuna)
Philly Gourmet - 50% off (mmmmm...philly cheesesteak!)
Bounty - $6.49 (use a $.25 off Bounty from recent P&G insert to get it down to $5.99)
Charmin - $6.49
Blistex - 5/$5
Beefsteak tomotoes - $1.99 (I see homemade salsa in my future!)

And that's it for me? What are you buying this week?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Simple Mom blog...

A blog that will help you get it all together (or at least give you some encouragement to get there).  Simple Mom is a "productivity blog for home managers."  In other keeps your Mom butt in gear.  Tsh, the editor of the blog, thinks that when Mom (and Dad) are doing well, the whole family is doing well.

You'll find all sorts of information, helpful tips and resources for things like managing your home, budgeting and finance, cooking, quality time for only books, movies and music as well as things like going green, cutting clutter and working on what I would call "old school" home skills (gardening, sewing, etc). 

All sorts of info can be found on this blog...check it out, you'll find something you can use I'm sure.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I told you the last post was for a Monday trip...

I had to hit up Kroger's today...just real quick!

5 bags Tostitos was $15.70 for $9.90

I saved $5.80 or 36%.  Not my best but as much as we eat buffalo chicken, Tostitos at $1.98 is my price point!

And that's it!  There is $1 in the grocery envelope right now!

And lastly for the weekend (I swear - the next one is for Monday!)

Brian ran into Walmart really fast last night for lightbulbs.  Both fluorscent tubes and bulbs for our new fixtures in the remodeled bathroom (see what I mean about finding more stuff we need to buy for this remodel!?).  He spent $10.67 and saved...who knows, whatever Walmart might have raised or lowered the price from in the last few weeks. 

(I'm not a Walmart fan...can you tell!?  And I'm sure I've never mentioned that here before either.)

And we also hit Marsh yesterday for our weekly grocery trip...

It wasn't the prettiest but it wasn't super ugly either.

1 Hormel garlic roast was $5.99 for $2.99
2 Armour meatballs was $7.58 for $5.00
2 Eckrich smoked sausage was $8.78 for $3.96
4 Cheez-Its was $15.96 for $3.98 (less than a buck a box - woohoo!)

And of course the normal stuff like bread, milk, yogurt, fresh fruit and veggies brought our total to $37.78 and saved us $23.08, a very small'ish 38%.  We bought 23 items for $1.64 per item price.  Not so pretty huh?

Our savings for the year at Marsh are $513.06 and I hope it just keeps getting better!

Our next stop could have waited until June'ish...

but we were there (and we don't go very often) so we purchased a bike helmet (with attached knee pads - that has to be some "savings" right...since we didn't pay for them seperately!?) at Toys R Us.  One of Miss Priss's summer classes includes being able to ride their bikes but they are required to have a helmet.  So we went ahead and got one while we were there...

Total spent:  $26.74
Total saved:  squat (well, gas money I suppose so we don't have to make a special trip at a later date)

And she was STOKED to get it.  Brian said she played football all day today with her helmet and knee pads on!

And then we went to Menards...

Did you see the post about Chris helping with the electical work? we move closer to finishing we keep finding little things needed to wrap up this project.  It's been a LONG time coming and since Brian had several hours of OT on his paycheck Friday, we decided to go ahead and get some things needed.

We purchased:

a step stool for $5.99 (for Short Stack...she's tall but not tall enough!)
3 drawer pulls for $13.95
2 drawer knobs for $6.60
a white oval sink for $29.99

and spent $60.49 and our total savings was $11.31 (not sure which items were on sale, I don't know how to read this Menard's receipt!).  Not a huge savings but better than nothing...

The third stop of the weekend (not so much for groceries)

was for a propane tank for our gas grill.  Once again...

Total spent:  $21.39
Total saved: squat

But the tank we had was O.U.T and Brian didn't have any charcoal either for the old grill.  So technically, our grocery budget envelope should be negative because this should have come from there but it didn't.  It came from another envelope for now...  I hope to "repay" that envelope soon!

The second grocery trip of the weekend...

was a quick one!  We didn't have enough ice at the house (no maker in our freezer and only one tray full...I have a BAD habit of leaving one empty on the counter, oops!) so I ran to Speedway for a bag of ice.

Total spent:  $1.79
Total saved:  nada

Having cold drinks?  Totally worth it!

The first grocery trip of the weekend...

A few weeks ago Brian and I were eating lunch and he just randomly says..."Do you think Chris would work for food?"  And my first thought was - HUH!?  I don't remember now what we were talking about but it wasn't Chris and it wasn't food so I was obviously lost.  He says, "You know, Tammy's husband - that does the electrical work."  Okay, well I knew then at least who he spoke of...I still wasn't sure why he wanted to know if I thought he'd work for food.  Apparently Brian was hoping if we offered a meal to Chris (and Tammy and the kids too!) he'd come and help do some electrical work in the half bath we've been remodeling for the last three years.  And you know what?  Chris DOES work for food!

Brian wanted to do it up good and while we had some things on hand (steaks, chicken breasts, part of the makings for pasta salad) there were a few other things I needed to pick up on Friday night.  So I got:

3 packs Perdue wings was $8.88 for $5.32 (on sale at 40% off)

And that was it that was on sale.  I also picked up frozen corn cobs, a cucumber and two tomatoes.  All in all, I spent $13.49 and saved $3.56 (just on the chicken) for a 21% savings.  Not so hot huh?  Oh well, we got what we needed to feed our friends (and the food was great!) and the company was even better. 

Tammy went from my the kid my mom babysat for to the girl who babysat for my brother and I (she's six years older than I am) to my "big sister" and I love her to pieces.  She's only 35 miles away and we don't get together as often as we should but I do love when we are able to get together!  And Brian loves that he got some help with our remodel too.  :)  And of course...he probably would have come to help even if Brian didn't cook him lunch but it sure worked out great.

As always...

when I miss one regularly scheduled day (last Thursday, sorry I missed the Sunday coupon previews) I come back with a ton of posts and today is no different.  We hit up several stores over the weekend and spent all of the grocery budget plus some (pulled from savings for some remodeling stuff).  So, check out what I did (and didn't) get some great deals on!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Marsh ad highlights - 3/11 to 3/17

Looks like Marsh is having more produce love this week! This Saturday only - one day sale - you can find PRODUCE as the focus. These are all just while supplies last, no rainchecks available - so get up and get going early if you're interested in any of these items!

10lb bag Idaho Russet potatoes - $1.75 (save $2,24)
3lb bag yellow onions - $1.27 (save up to $.72)
1lb pack strawberries - 2/$5 (save $2.98 on two)
12oz bag Dole salad, classic mix - $1.63 (save up to $.63)
8oz whole white mushrooms - $1.28 (save $1.21)
3.75lb veggie tray - $9.99 (save $6.00)
Del Monte bananas - $.35/lb (save up to $.24/lb)

For the rest of the week you can look forward to:
Mann's sugar snap peas - B1G1 free (save $2.99 on two)
Keebler, Sunshine or Kellogg's snacks - B1G1 free (save $2.99 or more on two)
Perdue fresh chicken - 40% off
Eckrich smoked sausage - 2/$5 (save $2.98 on two) - there is a "truckload sale" going on with Ecrich...if you enjoy this product, be sure to look for more on sale!
jumbo bunch broccoli - $.98 (save $1.01)
green asparagus - $1.48/lb (save $2.51/lb)
Food Club cheese - $1.78 (save $.71 or more)
Boneless chuck roast - $2.48/lb (save $1.71/lb)
Red Gold products - 25% off
Betty Crocker muffin or fudge brownie mix - 5/$5
Betty Crocker potatoes or Suddenly Salad - 10/$10
Ortega products - 25% off

And don't forget - March is National Frozen Food Month. You can find more freezer items on sale at Marsh this week like:
Red Baron pizzas - 3/$9.99 (save $6.48 or more on three)
Edy's ice cream - 3/$9.99 (save $6.15 or more on three)
New York garlic bread - 2/$4.00 (save $1.90 or more on two)

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Okay, so it isn't a blog - but it is a GREAT website!

You know Brian and I went through Financial Peace University and we are making our way through our Total Money Makeover.  You've read my ramblings on FPU, snowballing my debt and saving like never before.  And the place that started it all?  Dave Ramsey's teachings...Total Money Makeover, Financial Peace University and FPU Jr are all excellent tools for getting started on your journey.  The local library has his books and there are many many websites out there that follow his principles.  What he teaches isn't rocket science...he himself says it is the principles from the Bible and stuff your grandma taught you. 

Anyways, his website has a lot of great information and if you decide to take your own FPU or TMMO journey then his website can be a great tool for you.  If you do take his journey and need someone to chat with or ask questions of, I'd be more than glad to share my story.  Enjoy!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekly Marsh shopping trip...

As we kept putting items into our cart last night, I was so sure we were going to go over budget.  I didn't have my calculator so I was just trying to calculate in my head and thankfully, I had no need to worry!

1 Bounty napkins was $3.59 for $2.49
1 Charmin toilet paper was $9.18 for $5.99
3 Totino pizzas was $4.44 for $2.00
2 Wanchai Ferry frozen dinners was $15.98 for $8.98
3 Banquet Select dinners was $5.07 for $.42 (yes, only $.14 each!)
1 Banquet Select dinner was $1.69 for $.99
2 No Yolk noodles was $4.58 for $1.50
3 Pasta Ronis was $4.47 for $2.00
2 Thomas bagels was $7.98 for $3.99 (B1G1 free)
1lb Sara Lee lunch meat was $7.54 for $4.37
1 Hormel pork loin filet was $9.99 for $5.99
2 Purnell roll sausage was $7.78 for $3.96

Our total spent was $64.20 and we saved $41.27, a decent 39% - not the best but not the worst and we came in under budget - so I was pleased.  :)  With the $10 I have left, I hope to hit up Kroger on Wednesday after work - I hope I can stick to what I have left!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Book It 2010

I'm well on my way to accomplishing my goal of 52 books this year. I didn't want to restrict myself and make it one book per week...I was afraid I'd get behind and then never catch up. And I didn't want to set four books per month for the exact same reason. So I chose 52 books in one year. In 365 days I need to read 52 books. In the last two days I have finished number nine and #10. 

When I decided to pursue this adventure I had an idea of what kind of books I wanted to read. I also decided I needed to read the "high school classics" - those books that were required of us in high school (and maybe even middle school). This week's book in that category was The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger.

Maybe because I'm a 32-year-old woman or maybe because I never felt the anxiety/confusion that the main character, Holden Caulfield experiences in this book, I wasn't a huge fan of the novel.  I did some internet research on the book because I knew that it was a controversial book and I couldn't see why.  Many of the sites I visited mention the amount of profanity and sexual thoughts that Holden discusses as one of the big reasons the book is controversial.  Once again, I didn't see it that way but maybe as a 16- or 17-year-old in high school it would have been.  There were a few times through the book that I just sat and thought, "What?"  I did finish it but this isn't a book that will ever make it to my "must re-read" list.

That book took me more than a week to read.  I picked up Divine by Karen Kingsbury yesterday while on lunch break.  I sat down last night at 11:30 to read a bit before bed and at 2:00 (AM!) I decided I needed to put it down.  I read through 250+ pages just yesterday between 2pm and 2am (mostly from 11:30 - 2:00).  It is SUCH a good book.  Kingsbury writes inspirational books and this one was just as good as any others of hers that I've read. 

Divine is about Mary Madison, a girl who is abused from 10-years-old until she's in her mid-twenties.  Mary Madison is a modern day Mary Magdelene - the woman that cried outside of Jesus' empty tomb on the day of His resurrection.  Mary Magdelene faced seven demons and was saved from those demons by Jesus.  Mary Madison also faces seven demons and is saved from those demons by Jesus.  A definite page turner, I couldn't put the book down because I wanted to see where the story went to next.  As a mother, this was a hard book to read but I'm so glad I did.

Tonight I'm ready to pick up James Patterson's Kiss the Girls and I hope to finish it by Tuesday so I can get more books when these are all due.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Coupon preview - be on the lookout for three inserts this weekend!

The Coupon Clipper shows that there should be a Smart Source, a Proctor and Gamble and a Valassis (Red Plum) this weekend.  Unfortunately, they don't have specifics up yet.

So, I headed over to Hot Coupon World to see what they've got.  Remember that these are previews and that coupons can vary by area.  Here's what you can expect though...

P&G insert

Smart Source

Valassis - Red Plum

Happy couponing! 

Kroger ad highlights - 3/4 to 3/10

Kroger...sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it (whereas I always love Marsh and always hate Walmart).  I used to REALLY love Kroger when I could get free toilet paper!  I had packs and packs and packs (like seriously - 30+ for sure...maybe even more) stored at one point.  I didn't buy TP for months at time last year.

Anyways, this week I'm looking forward to stopping after work to pick up:
Bounty 8pk - $5.99
Charmin - $5.99
Wanchai Ferry meals - $5.99
Green Giant steamers - $1.28 (matched with recent $.50 coupons - doubled - for some $.28 veggies)
Gillette body wash - 3/$10 (matched up with $4 off two will make for $1.33 body wash)
Kroger cheese - 2/$3
24pk Pepsi products - $4.99 (when you buy two)

And...that's it!  Looks like Kroger might be a quick trip (if I even make it!).

Marsh ad highlights - 3/4 to 3/10

Looks like it is Frozen Food Month at Marsh!  According to the front page of the ad, March will be the month to refill your freezer...

This week you can get several frozen food items.  I'm looking forward to:
Jack's pizzas - 5/$10 (save $10.95 on five)
Totino's pizzas or Pizza Rolls - 5/$5 (save $2.40 or more on five - matched with recent coupons will make for cheap pizza!)
Green Giant veggies (boxed) - 5/$5 (save $3.75 or more on five - matched with recent coupons will make for cheap veggies!)
Wanchai Ferry dinners - $5.99 (save $2.00 - never tried this but have recently clipped $1.50 off one coupons so it could make for some cheap'ish meals for us)

The rest of the ad includes good stuff like:
Purnell's (Old Folks) roll sausage - $1.98 (save $1.91)
Combo pork/chops/ribs/roast sale - $.98/lb (save $1.51/lb)
Stokely's veggies - 2/$1 (save $.98 or more on two)
Perdue bonless/skinless breasts - $1.87/lb (save $2.12/lb)
Thompson seedless or Red Globe grapes - $.97/lb (save $1.52/lb)
Charmin - $5.99 (save $2.49 or more - WOOHOO!)
Morton softner salt (40lb yellow bag) - $3.99 (save $1.50 or more)
Hormel Always Tender pork loin filets - $6.99 (save $3.00 - matched with recent coupons will save even more and these are great on the grill!)
Sara Lee deli ham or turkey - $5.99/lb (save $1.70/lb)
Aunt Millie's Healthy Goodness breads - $1.39
Thomas' bagels - B1G1 free
Bounty 8pk - $6.49
Bounty napkins - $2.99

And that's it for me at sure to check out their ad (online or in the store) for more specifics that might better match your needs (and wants!).

Can anyone tell me where yesterday went?

Because I obviously missed it!  I was driving to work this morning and all of a sudden thought...I didn't blog yesterday!  It just totally slipped my mind I guess.  Anyways, I'm here to post both the Marsh AND Kroger ad highlights and preview the coupons for Sunday's paper so be ready - there's lots to read!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Tuesday! Are you ready to check out another blog?

How about

What is you ask?  Their website says,

" electronic coupons are a convenient way to save money at the grocery store. Free coupons load directly to your participating grocery store savings card, so there are no paper coupons to lose or forget.

Just 3 Easy Steps to FREE Coupon Savings:

Sign up at and register your grocery store savings card.
Select the grocery coupons you want.
Swipe your card at checkout. Coupon discounts are deducted automatically.

Lose the paper. Keep the convenience and the savings. It's the smarter way to coupon."

What more could you ask for?  Less paper, buy groceries, save money!  I love it.  The only "local" store that you can download card information for is Kroger/Payless but there have been several times when I've been able to benefit from the coupons at - I hope you can do the same!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Marsh deals and my coupons made for a great shopping trip!

Too bad I only had $41 in cash and my total was $49.40!  I had to use the debit card this trip...I had absolutely no more cash to spare!  I think that's a first in some time...since the last week of December or so.  My great trip included:

5 Blistex was $7.95 for $1.90
2 Marsh large eggs was $3.58 for $2.36
2 Pillsbury pizza crusts was $5.98 for $.60
4 Pillsbury crescent rolls was $6.60 for $2.90
4 Betty Crocker boxed potatoes was $7.96 for $1.20
4 Act II popcorn was $11.00 for $2.00
1 All laundry detergent was $5.49 for $2.00
2 Starkist tuna pouches was $3.18 for FREE
appx 8lbs Perdue split breasts was $20.89 for $6.15

And of course there was bread, milk, cheese, fresh fruit and a few other minor staples that lead to that $49.40 total.  I save $68.05 which is 58% which makes the fact that I went over what I had by $8.00 totally worth it.

I had 45 items total, $1.10 per item and have saved $445.15 for the year.  I better slide in under budget next week!