Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Marsh ad highlight - 4/29 to 5/5

Woohoo Marsh!  Looks like a great week - lots of B1G1 free items and 5/$5 and 10/$10 items (so basically $1/item) AND a produce sale on Saturday only.

Saturday ONLY produce sale:
Del Monte bananas - $.39/lb
In-husk Bi-color corn - 8ears/$2 (save $3.36 on eight)
Jumbo Vidalia onions - $.99/lb (save $1.00/lb)
Cluster red tomatoes - $1.48/lb (save up to $1.51/lb)
Dole sald mix - $1.26 (save up to $.73)
Jumbo Idaho baking potatoes - $.45/lb (save $.54/lb)
Bell peppers (red, yellow, orange) - 5/$5 (save $4.95 on five)

B1G1 FREE items
Sunbeam bread
Tiger Bay tilapia
Louis Kemp imitation crabmeat
Little Bites
Thomas' bagels
Crystal Light
Chi-Chi's salsa
Pop Secret
Emerald Nuts

5/$5 or 10/$10 items
Bar S Bologna
Eckrich Honey loaf
MaMa Rosa's pizzas
Armour LunchMakers
Blue Bunny or Edy's ice cream
Green Giant veggies
Totino's pizza rolls
Lipton sides
Del Monte fruit (SWEET!!!) - recent $.40 coupons will make for $.20 cans of fruit
Hamburger Helper - single helpings
Hershey's candy
Gatorade Thirst Quencher

And everything else...
Blue Bunny or Weight Watchers ice cream treats - 50% off
Perdue fresh chicken - 40% off
Sargento shredded cheese - $1.99 (save $2.50 or more)
Grape tomatoes - $1.99 (save $2.00)
Red Globe (with seeds) or Red or Blakc seedless grapes - $.99/lb (save $1.50/.b)
Lay's potato chips - 2/$4 (save $3.98 on two)
Hormel Always Tender pork loin filet - $6.99 (save $3.00) - matched with a $2.00 or $3.00 coupon that you can find sometimes (not sure if they are out now) this makes for a good deal
Keebler cookies - $1.99
Snack cracker (select brands) - $1.99
Kraft singles - 2/$3
Chex cereals or bars or Betty Crocker fruit snacks - $1.49 (when you buy four)
25% off Ortega
Mission Burrito tortillas - 2/$4 (match with recent $1.00 coupons in the Smart Source blinkie on the shelf)
Bounty or Charmin - $6.49
Aquafresh toothpaste - $.99 (save $1.40)
Jumbo green bell peppers or cucumbers - $.88/lb (save up to $.79/lb)

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