Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Marsh ad highlights - 4/22 through 4/28

Marsh is gearing up for graduation already! It seems so early in the year but's not so far away for the Class of 2010. Look for deals on cakes, veggie trays, fruit trays, deli meat trays, seafood trays and even a boneless wing tray. I have no idea if these prices are a good deal or not but take this ad with you when you shop other places so you have the numbers right in front of you!

What else can you pick up?
Hamburger Helper - 10/$10 (save $6.30 or more on ten)
Food Club bottled water - $2.99 (save $.98 - not their lowest price but a good price still)
Perdue split breasts - $.88/lb (save $2.11/lb, limit three)
2lb clamshell strawberries - $2.97 (save $4.02)
Wonder Bread - B1G1 free (save $2.49 on two)
Kraft cheese - 2/$4
Eckrich deli ham - $4.49/lb (save $1.50/lb)
New York garlic toast - 2/$4
Kellogg's cereals - $1.69
Keebler crackers or cookies - $1.99
Kool-Aid - B1G1 free
Taco Bell - 25% off
Betty Crocker potatoes or Suddenly Salad - 10/$10
Texax Toast croutons - 5/$5
Charmin or Bounty - $6.49 (and there's coupons out for both, only $.25 each but that'll save another $.50!)

And that's it for me. Slim pickings again this week, although I'm glad to see the paper products on sale, we'll be needing some of that stuff!

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