Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Had to stop by Kroger yesterday...had a rain check to follow up on!

I've mentioned before that I stop at Kroger sometimes after work or whatever to pick up a few things that might get me excited.  Well, a few weeks ago I was SUPER excited to see 40oz Crisco vegetable or canola oil at 2/$3...that's an amazing price (and by the time I got there to buy some they were out and I had to get a raincheck).  To get the knock-off brand at Marsh is normally $2.48 each, so a name brand for $1.50 each is great.  These were marked on the shelf at $4.54 each.  I got them for $1.50 each.  I saved $3.04 PER bottle.  Needless to say I bought EIGHT bottles (yes eight).  What should have cost me $36.32 only cost me $12.00, a savings of just over 66%.  Dang.  I like it.

I also picked up:
5 Banquet sausage links was $9.90 for $.90 (yep, only $.18/box) - these are GREAT for breakfasts while camping!
4 Uncle Ben's Ready Rice was $10.16 for $6.76 (not a fabulous price but better than what we normally pay)

I also picked up some Kraft slices for $2.00 each...again not a great price but okay for me.

So, I spent $27.54 and according to the receipt saved $15.40 or 35% BUT because of the way rain checks are rang, that doesn't factor into the savings.  So my savings was more like $39.72 or closer to 60% total savings.  Love it!

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