Monday, April 12, 2010

And I hit up Kroger last week too... I don't think I shared this trip though.

2 gallons Kroger milk was $4.98 for $4.00
6 1lb/4stick Kroger butter was $13.74 for $10.00 ($1.67 is pretty darn cheap for butter)
3 Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chips was $10.11 for $5.97
2 Gold Medal 5lb flour was $5.68 for $3.00
4 Post Cocoa Pebbles was $10.36 for $6.00

All totaled, I spent $28.47, saved $16.40 or 36%. The cereal wasn't that good of a deal (I've gotten it cheaper) but I REALLY wanted it and today my "want" won over.

I also picked up a rain check for Crisco 48oz oil. I'm not sure of the normal shelf price but it was on sale 2/$3 which is CHEAP oil. Go get some if you haven't! Find a great deal and don't have Kroger? Don't forget you can always price match at Walmart!

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