Monday, April 26, 2010

I also shopped at Walmart yesterday... Shocked?

Yeah, me too. 

Actually, as much as I hate Walmart there are some times when I go there to get things that I just really need on a regular basis (you'll see what we got) that I have a really good coupon for and don't want to wait for a deal to roll around to use them.

So...we bought:
5 frozen banquet meals was $5.00 for $4.40
2 Corner Bistro subs was $5.48 for $3.48
4 Old Spice deodorants was $15.08 for $6.54
2 Always pads was $9.22 for $3.35
2 Tampax tampons was $10.84 for $1.87 (mis-rang by cashier, didn't notice until I got home...should be $4.88)
2 Vaseline Sheer Fusion was $13.94 for $6.44
1 24pk Coke Zero was $5.96 (?) for $5.00

I spent $34.30 and saved $38.88 in just over 50%. I know that my spending should be a bit higher still, it was a pretty good trip!

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