Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekly shopping - first trip of 2010

I hit Marsh up this weekend with a friend who wanted to see how I did my grocery shopping.  She really does a lot of what I do already so her trip turned out pretty good.  My trip was really good too - I didn't have too much to buy though. 

2 Cascade dishwasher detergents was $11.18 for $5.59 (50% off)
5 Lipton sides was $6.50 for $5.00
Perdue boneless skinless chicken breasts was $28.26 for $12.54

Plus the normal weekly stuff like bread (for $1) and buns (for $.30) along with milk and yogurt and that ended my list.

All said before card and coupon (only one!) the total was $56.94 and afterwards I only paid $28.30, saved 51%.

I bought 16 items for a price of $1.78 per item.  And since this is the first trip of the year - my savings to date is a whopping $28.64!

The BEST part of it all!?!?  I got TWO (yes two!) $5 off $25 coupons on my receipt.  I seriously jumped up and down when Karen told me I got two of them.  That's some awesome savings.  And the best way to work it?  Make two trips - just over $25 each use both coupons to maximize my savings.  Yay!

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