Monday, January 11, 2010

A random Marsh trip for some essentials...

We were so close to being out of toilet paper on Saturday night it wasn't even funny.  And to top it all off - we were completely out of milk (and had been since Thursday!).  So I ran to Marsh real quick (alone - ahhhhh) and bought enough to get me over $25 so I could use the second $5 off $25 coupon I had received last weekend on my receipt.

I bought:

2 gallons Marsh milk was $5.38 for $4.58 (not great savings at all but you gotta have milk!)
2 12pk Charmin was $18.56 for $12.98
2 6pk Bounty select-a-size paper towel (because I'm a paper towel fiend) was $18.96 for $11.98

And of course that awesome $5 off $25 was thrown in there.  So before card and coupons (for the paper towel) my total should have been $45.53 but I paid $26.32 out of pocket, saving $18.36 and a whopping 43% (which is pretty darn good - thank you Marsh computer for that coupon!). 

I bought 6 items which means $4.39 was my price per item.  OUCH!

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