Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yet one more reason to love Bargain Briana!

On Tuesdays I try to post a link to another blog I follow and I'm going to do that tonight but I've already linked up to Bargain Briana once.

Not only is Briana a home-state girl, she's started another blog called The Frugal Map.  I *love* this map!  According to the blog, "The Frugal Map was created to help readers find their perfect blog match. Whether the perfect blog match is by category, store, location, there is a blog out there for your particular style."  And who doesn't want help finding a blogger who fits their style and might even be close to you!?  I love the fact that I might be able to possibly meet some other "local" bloggers through this map.

So if you're looking for a blogger close to you (who might blog your local stores and help you out with some inside ideas) or for someone who has a family of four with working spouses and both kids in day care (just like your family might be) to glean some ideas - then this map is a great place to start.  So check it out!  Bargain Briana and The Frugal Map - two great places to visit!


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  1. thanks for the write up! Much appreciated! Love to see fellow indiana bloggers online! :)