Friday, January 15, 2010

Week of 12/18 through Week of 1/8 grocery budget

So, the last time I did this, I screwed it up royally but I think I've got it right this time. 

12/19 Marsh - spent $65.44, saved $101.06 (61%)

12/23 Marsh - spent $10.81, saved $4.75 (31%)
12/26 Walmart - spent $61.68, saved $63.68 (just over 50%) - stockpiling - pulled from savings
12/28 Marsh - spent $113.14, saved $70.16 (39%)
12/29 Marsh - spent $3.24, saved $6.14 (67%)
12/29 Walmart - spent $8.90, saved $12.99 + some with price match (over 50%)
1/2 Marsh - spent $28.30, saved $28.64 (50%)
1/9 Marsh - spent $26.32, saved $18.36 (43%)
1/10 Marsh - spent 58.29, saved $106.88 (65%)

Budget = $300.00

$376.12 spent
$412.66 saved
$788.78 should have been

appx. 52% savings

And of course, I've gota  stockpile trip in there...  Although it really wasn't a stockpile trip really - more of a get ready for Christmas next year trip and I spent $63.68, saving just over 50%.  I purchased items that will be used for presents as well as items to store the candies I make to give away.  Plus I splurged and got LeeAnn a pink stocking - just like she had asked for. 

So I still went over budget $12.44 (after taking the stockpile trip out) which isn't so bad in my opinion.  The crazy thing is - there was money leftover in the envelope.  We ONLY pull $75 a week to put into the envelope so I'm not quite sure how there was extra money in there when we went over budget slightly.  I'm guessing I'm either missing a receipt or I miscalculated something somewhere but I believe this is fairly accurate.

We also did really well on not having an extra trips to the store mid-week (which can add up quickly) and there was only the one "stockpile" trip too.  So only nine trips to the store in that four week period...pretty good if you ask me!

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