Monday, January 11, 2010

My Marsh Mega Event shopping trip

Was awesome!  I love Marsh.  Have I ever put that on this blog anywhere?  I'm not sure if I have...  Well, here is why I love Marsh this week.

1 Pillsbury crescent roll was $1.96 for $.89 (not my best price but still good!)
3 Kraft Philly cream cheese was $5.97 for $1.97 (only $.66 each)
3 3ct Orville Redenbacher's Sweet & Buttery popcorn (YUM!) was $11.04 for $2.07 (only $.69 each)
2 Honey Nut Cheerios was $6.38 for $1.98 (my goal price of less than $1.00 per box!)
1 Fiber One muffin mix was $3.55 for $1.49
1 Quaker quick oats was $2.88 for $.99
4 Ritz crackers was $13.12 for $3.96 (only $.99 each)
4 Nature Valley nut clusters was $15.56 for $3.96 (only $.99 each)
4 Velveeta shells and cheese was $7.00 for $3.96
6 Zesta saltines was $19.08 for $3.90 (only $.65 each)
1 Oscar Mayer lunchable was $2.19 for $.79

Along with:
1 Daisy cottage cheese was $3.99 for $2.34
2 Soft Soft Ensembles bases was $6.58 for $1.89
3 Tyson Hickory bacon was $14.97 for $5.97 (only $1.99/lb bacon)

And of course the staples like milk, bread, fresh fruits and veggies, ice cream ('cause that's a staple that just happened to be 50% off!) and yogurt added into that bill.

So all said and done I would have spent $161.92 before card and coupons.  Then I swiped my card which saved me $58.63 plus $15.00 for the three sets of Mega Event 10-item things I purchased.  Then I handed over my coupons which included the $5.00 off $50 in the ad AND $5 off $25 that I received on my receipt last Saturday.  And then I gave my manufacturer coupons and saved another $29.95 for a total of $58.29 spent and a grand total savings of $106.88 which is 65% savings.

I purchased 53 items for a $1.09 per item price.

And THAT is why I *love* Marsh.

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