Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunday coupon preview - there are two inserts this Sunday 1/25

You'll be able to find both a Valassis and a Smart Source in Sunday's coupon inserts.

Sadly, I'm not sure what's wrong with me when it comes to coupons but I'm just not feelin' them right now.  I see a few coupons here and there that I'm interested in but not enough to really go out and buy one (or five) newspapers for.  I really think it is time for me to consider buying coupons.  I know I've mentioned it before but I really think it is the step I need to take.

So - if you'd like to see what is out there this week, check out The Coupon Clippers for what is in both inserts.  Just click on that link and find this Sunday's date (the 25th) and then click on each individual insert name to see what is included.

Happy clipping!

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