Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I still haven't grocery shopped for the week...

I did hit up Meijer on Sunday night for Lays potato chips on sale.

4 Wavy Lays was $15.96 for $7.96 (saved 50%)

And that was it!  My total was $7.96.  I bought four items making my cost per item $1.99 - which is really high!  Ha!  These are chips we love though and when I can get them for B1G1 or $1.99 then I buy a few bags to last us.

So this plus the few dollars I spent at the meat sale on Friday night is all I've spent.  It's a good thing too - I've still got to hit up Marsh for a few goods things and Schulz for some $2.99 Top Sirloin (our purchase price for these steaks - if they aren't this price, we don't buy).  Yay for steak!

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