Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sunday coupon preview - 1/17 has two inserts (SS and P&G)

You'll find two inserts in Sunday's paper - one from Smart Source and one from Proctor and Gamble.  Go to The Coupon Clippers for all coupons listed.

And wouldn't you know it - there isn't a single coupon that I'm DYING to have.  Oh wait, I take that back - there is a Blistex coupon for $.35 which matched with a 10/$10 sale at Marsh could get me some $.30 Blistex ($1.00 - $.35 - $.35 (doubled) = $.30).  But I've probably got between six and 10 tubes right now so if I miss out on a few, no sweat for me!  Although the coupon doesn't expire until 3/31/10 which means I'm more likely to hit a sale with it...  Hmmmm - maybe this will be the time I decide to try The Coupon Clippers clipping service and just buy a few Blistex coupons.

Heck - I can get those for $.05 each and to save the $.70 would be worth it in my opinion...I'd normally pay $1.75 for the paper anyways so I could get 35 coupons for that price!  That would get me 35 tubes of Blistex for only $10.50 - now THAT sounds like a good idea to me!  Hmmmm...  I just might do it!  It'd give me another blog post too.  I'll have to sleep on this one - keep an eye out for a potential post about The Coupon Clippers and what coupons I bought!

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