Monday, January 11, 2010

BOOK IT 2010

Ahhhh...there is nothing quite like the smell of a book to make a girl happy.  I went to the public library on Sunday (which might just become routine for us - it was so nice!) to get a few books and to let LeeAnn get some books and movies too. 

We've  I've recently decided to revamp the way LeeAnn goes to bed at night - partly because of Book It 2010 and partly because I felt like we were missing some much needed one-on-one time before bed.  Her normal bed time is 10:00 and while it is still lights out at 10:00 we head upstairs at 9:30 to get ready, read a book (or two or three) and sing a song (or two).  It's been so nice since we started (mid-last week) and we've read probably six or seven different books (all multiple times).  She always picks what I'd call "name brand" books - Caillou (yuck!), Barney, Blue's Clues, Princess, etc.  I always go behind her and pick some other books too - this time was a book about snow and the bunnies playing in it.  A very cute book!

LeeAnn also fell in love with Annie over Christmas vacation.  We watched it together one day and she's asked for it every day since then.  So I found it to borrow and since it was in the youth section - we can keep it for two weeks (instead of overnight).  We've watched it once already...  I'm guessing we'll see it a few more times in the next 13 days.  We also rented Annie Jr!  The children's theater did Annie Jr a few years ago and the theater department always films the plays so we'll be checking that out Friday night probably.

Once she was all done I decided to head downstairs to find some book love for me.  After Brian and I finished FPU I found a list of recommended reads from Dave Ramsey and chose a couple books off that list to find.  I was looking for Marx's "The Long Snapper" and Max Lucado's "Fearless".  I found "The Long Snapper" and it looks like an EXCELLENT read.  I also picked up Amy Dacyzcyn's "The Complete Tightwad Gazette" - money saving at it's best!  I don't think I'll ever be able to give up my paper towel and I don't think I'll wash and reuse aluminum foil, but I'm hoping to learn a few things at least. 

To round out my reading list for the next few weeks is James Patterson's books that include the character Alex Cross.  I received a new Alex Cross book for Christmas and want to start at the beginning before I start this new one...

Book It 2010 is well under way for me!

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