Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Marsh ad highlights - 1/14 to 1/20

MEAT SALE!  There's a 1-day only meat sale at Marsh this week - what a great way to stock the freezer with meats for the next few weeks.

Meat sale - while quantities last!  Friday only!
Fresh ground beef - $1.18/lb (save $1.11, limit 10lbs)
Perdue boneless, skinless breasts - $1.57/lb (save $2.42/lb, limit 3packs)
Indiana Kitchen spiral sliced ham - $1.48/lb (save $1.51/lb)
USDA Choice beef tenderloin - $8.88/lb (save $3.11/lb)
Eckrich smoked sausage - $1.78 (save $2.21)
Purnell's roll sausge - $1.98 (save $1.91)
Marsh sliced bacon - $1.96 (save $1.03)
Bar S lunch meats - 2/$6 (save $2.98 on two)
Tyson chicken breast tenderloins (frozen) $4.99 (save $4.00)
Gorton's fish sticks - $3.99 (save $3.30)
Tiger Bay pollock filets (16oz) - $1.99 (save $2.00, limit 5)

And I just turned to the front page of the regular ad (the above is the one page "coat" that goes over the whole ad) and I want to blog the whole front page!  There is ANOTHER $5 off $50 coupon on the ad!  I think every single item on the front page is something I will buy.  Wow...  I hope I've got a bit of extra money to squeeze out somewhere for this stuff!
Brooks or Red Gold (beans/tomatoes) - 5/$5
24pk Food Club water - $1.99 (save $2.00 - CHEAP BOTTLED WATER!  Tap is better but if you need bottles - this is a great price!)
Boneless chuck roast - $1.98/lb (save $2.21/lb)
Perdue split breasts - $.88/lb (save $2.11/lb - makes for some yummy Buffalo Chicken!)
Frozen novelties (ice cream!) - 50% off
12pk Coke products - 4/$10 (save $8.76 on four or more)
Aunt Millie's bread or buns - B1G1 free
Betty Crocker potatoes - 5/$5 (combine with recent $.35 coupons - doubles to $.70 - for $.30 potatoes)
Wishbone dressing - $1.79
Del Monte Gold whole pineapple - $2.99 (save $1.00)

And one confusing thing...  On the back page there is a "4-day only Tailgate Specials" and it has 12pk Coke products 3/$9.  If you take $9.00 and divide it by three - that makes each 12pk $3.00, right?  So why not buy the 4/$10 and spend only $2.50 per 12pk?  Wouldn't that make more sense?  Maybe I'm misreading the ad somehow.

So, take it or leave it - this is the highlights for me this week!  Make sure to check the ad out yourself for your own bargains and to get that $5 off $50 coupon on the front page.

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