Sunday, January 17, 2010

What happens when you don't plan ahead...

So I knew we had a birthday party this weekend.  I actually just learned about it last week but that should have given me plenty of time to be prepared.  But you know what?  I didn't prepare and it cost me!!!

I have this big ol' box in the basement...  I think it is the box my freezer came in.  Anyways, it's big and that's where I hide toys.  Christmas presents, birthday presents, presents just because I found an awesome deal and stuck 'em in there for some special reason (the last time being when she had the pins pulled from her arm - ouch!).  So I ran downstairs this morning to see if there was anything I could use for today...nah, not so much. 

K is Brian's best friend's daughter.  She's five now and we knew she'd want something fun!  So we stopped by the Kmart and pretty much told LeeAnn to pick something out...  (You know...since I didn't have anything in the basement and definately didn't plan ahead.)  And what she picked was a really good present and not too expensive but the fact that we also had to buy a card and tissue paper and a bag (which I have all at home) just about threw me over the edge!

All said and done - I spent $30.83 and could have saved myself several dollars at least if I had just planned ahead (and brought the wrapping stuff).  I could have saved even more if I'd been able to take advantage of the toys in the basement. 

Lesson learned!  No more fly by the seat of my pants birthday shopping!

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