Saturday, January 23, 2010

My first trip to CVS for a "deal" in over 10 months!

So, last March when Brian learned he was going to be laid off for a couple weeks (up to six weeks - we didn't know for sure how long) I put an immediate kiebash on the ECBs and deals at CVS.  We've got enough shampoo and toothpaste to last us for another few years (or so it seems) so staying away from CVS while he was laid off sounded like a good idea.  And it was - I just never went back. 
Well, I don't mean I NEVER went back to CVS.  That's where I fill our scripts (which I think helped in today's deal) and I think I might have stopped in once for a thermometer.  But really...I haven't done a deal at CVS for a long, long time.

Brian needed wanted some Diet Dew and Diet Code Red and CVS has a 6 12pk for $10 (after ECBs) thing going on.  So I took a $4 off $20 (that I just got in the mail today - talk about good luck!) and $5.50 in ECBs (printed on my receipt the last time I stopped in for a refill...I'm thinking because of all the scripts we've had filled lately) and a gift card for $25 (which we didn't pay for...we had a coupon for a free $25 card with a new or transferred script) and bought six 12pks of Diet Dew (no Diet Code Red in sight). 

Before my ExtraCare card my total was $34.87 and after the card, the $4 off $20 and the $5.50 in ECBs my total was down to $11.23 - saving between 67% and 68%.  I paid with the free $25 gift card and really spent nothing out of pocket.  I also got $10 back in ECBs.  So I guess in a roundabout way I only paid $1.12 for six 12pks of Diet Dew.  That's cheap! 

But I think Brian is going to take the $10ECBs and go back and get six more Diet Dews...  I don't have the $4 off $20 or the $5.50 in ECBs but the $10ECB I got is actually $.50 more than the other two and we'll still get another $10ECB for buying another six 12pks.

Kinda makes me remember why I love CVS so much...  ♥ ♥ ♥

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