Thursday, December 31, 2009

A couple quick trips... Walmart (for a price match) and Marsh 'cause I love it.

I loaded the dishwasher the other day and gasped when I realized we were o.u.t. of dishwasher detergent.  I broke out in a cold sweat thinking I was going to have to pay full price for dishwasher soap.  But I didn't and that is why I love Marsh.  I remembered that I saw some boxed powdered detergent (Cascade none-the-less!) marked down 50% at Marsh the other day.  I went in hoping and praying that it was still there and it was!  And then the eggrolls I bought were on sale 5/$5 and the boxes had a $.75 coupon in them.  When Brian and I bought some the other day, we cut the coupon out of it and since I was going back, I went ahead and took that coupon with me to buy one more box while they were still on sale.

Cascade was $5.59 for $2.79
Asian Sensation eggrolls (4ct box) was $3.59 for $.25 (yes, only a quarter!)

My total before card and coupon (for the eggrolls) was $9.38.  After my card (which saved me the 50% on the Cascade) and my $.75 coupon for the eggrolls the total was $3.24, saving me 67%.

I bought two items and the price per item was $1.62.

And so I lied the other day - this was my last trip to Marsh for the year.  2009 savings was 2760.83.  That's a LOT of money saved (and a lot of money spent as Brian would say).

After Marsh I went to Walmart for a price matching deal on Gillette deodorant (that Brian doesn't use) and Gillette shower wash (that Brian does use).

3 Gillette deodorants should have been $13.41 (4.47 each) and I price matched to $3.49 @ Meijer and had three $1.00 coupons which made the three deodorants $7.47.  THEN I had a buy a deodorant get a shower wash for free coupon (actually I had three).

So the three deodorants and washes should have cost me $23.40 and I paid $8.90 for all six items - making them only $1.48 each.  Not bad for shower wash that is normally $3.50 or more.  I saved about 60% on that trip to Walmart. 

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