Monday, January 25, 2010

The free-for-all grocery shopping weekend...

I woke up Sunday with a raging headache.  I went ahead and got up to shower for church but went straight back to bed.  I couldn't even keep my eyes open, my head hurt so bad.  Needless to say I slept until after noon and was useless the rest of the day.

So when it came time to do the grocery shopping, I was totally out of commission.  So Brian and LeeAnn went in listless and couponless.  I guess it could have been worse...

At Marsh they came home with poptarts (5/$5), fresh fruit, milk, yogurt, bread...the basics really and the total before card was $45.51 and after the card was $37.63, saving $7.88 and 17%.  Brian wasn't too happy with himself but for flying by the seat of his pants, he did really well.  He bought 22 items for a $1.71 per item price.  He was in way under budget though so I'm cutting him a bunch of slack.  And besides...him going meant I didn't have to!

And on Saturday while I was hitting up CVS for our excellent Pepsi deal, he was at Schulz (IGA, a local store) stocking up on Top Sirloin.  We only buy Top Sirloin from Schulz and we only but it when it is $2.99/lb.  And guess what?  It happened!  It's been probably six to eight months since we've bought steak and the wait was so worth it!  He bought 12 Top Sirloins ranging between one and two pounds each - these are nice sized steaks!  One steak will feed all three of us easy (and usually with leftovers).  Total spent at Schulz was $60.33 and it's worth every penny.  I'm hoping these last us through the rest of the winter and the spring until these steaks go on sale again so we can stock up.  He even grilled out for us Saturday night - steak, fried taters and corn.  Yum!

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