Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sunday coupon preview - 2/28...the last day of February! Only one insert...

It's coupon preview day!  Don't forget to check out The Coupon Clippers or Hot Coupon World for a full list of what to expect in Sunday's coupons.

ACT II Popcorn on one 3ct package - $.40 (which will make for some $.20 popcorn at Marsh!)
Dentyne bottle gum on one - $1.50
Dentyne singles pack on two - $1.00 (and paired with a B1G1 free sale will make for cheap gum!)
Pert Plus for Men - $1.50 (not something we've ever used but it might make for some cheap shampoo)
Post cereals/kids cereals on two - $1.00
Schick Intuition or Quattro - $4.00 (again, paired with a sale or ECBs at CVS will make for cheap razors)

And that's it for me...  Hope you find something you'll use!  Don't forget, you can always use The Coupon Clippers to buy just the coupons you want.  You can read all about their service on their website (just use the link above and click on About Us at the top of their page).

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