Saturday, February 13, 2010

More CVS sweetness...

Remember the $25 CVS gift card I mentioned here?  Every so often I hear of people who get a $25 gift card for filling a prescription at CVS.  Well, up until mid-November I had never had one cross my path.  Finally though, the CVS $25 gift card gods smiled down on me and sent me two seperate coupons to get a gift card with a new script - right at the same time as Brian's eye surgery (and lots of new meds).

I sat on those two gift cards for some time...finally breaking them out for the Pepsi deal a few weeks back.  I thought we'd do another Pepsi deal that night but ending up getting six bags of Tostitos the next week instead.

So - in those two trips (six 12pks of Diet Mt Dew and six bags of Tostitos) I used $22.23 of one card.  When I went into CVS today for some Gillette body wash and Almay cosmetics I still had $2.77 to spend.

In two seperate deals I purchased:
4 Gillette body wash was $19.96 for $8.00
1 Bonne Bell lip gloss (for my baby girl!) $2.99
Subtotal $10.99 and used $10 ECBs from Tostios deal to make new subtotal only $.99 - with tax, the total was $2.32 and I used the $2.77 left on the gift card to cover that toal and received $5 in ECBs for the Gillette deal.

1 Almay pressed powder was $12.99 for $8.99 (had two $2 off coupons - and technically $2 came off of each bottle but because the CVS sale was B1G1 free, I subtracted both coupons from this price)
1 Almay foundation was $12.99 for FREE (B1G1 free)
Subtotal was $8.99 and used the $5 ECBs from Gillette deal for a new subtotal of $3.99 - with tax, the total was $4.90 and I used the $.45 left on the first card and another $4.45 on the second card (leaving me $20.55 on the second gift card still).

So one $25 gift card plus $4.45 of a second card (along with sales, coupons and ECBs) has gotten me:
6 12pks Diet Mt Dew
6 bags Tostitos
4 Gillete body wash
1 Bonne Bell lip gloss
2 Almay foundation products

Full price (no sales, coupons or ECBs) for all items would have been $107.01 - savings of over 75%.

And THAT is why I love CVS.

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  1. You ROCK!!! I look up to you and am going to become just like you...with time!