Monday, February 15, 2010

The weekly grocery trip - we bought more than planned!

But still came in under budget.

A few weeks back I bought laundry detergent at Sears (as I always have) and after asking some friends realized I'm paying WAY TOO MUCH for detergent.  So when I found I could get All for $1.50 a bottle, I decided to try it.  Here's what I got:

3 All laundry detergent was $16.47 for $4.50
12 Hamburger Helper was $19.56 for $3.75
10" Ortega (?) tortilla shells was $2.59 for $.79
8" Ortega (?) torilla shells was $3.19 for $2.19 (not the price I thought - grrrr!)
2 Betty Crocker cookie mixes was $4.98 for $.78
1 Betty Crocker Warm Delight was $1.99 for $.19
1lb Sara Lee lunch meat was $6.77 for $3.35
2 rolls Jimmy Dean sausage was $7.78 for $4.00

And of course some fresh fruit, milk, yogurt (for $.49/four pack), canned veggies and the obligatory container of Cheddar Pasta Salad from the deli (LeeAnn's fave!) and we spent a whopping $44.93, saving $53.38 and 55% on our order.

We purchased 37 items for a $1.21 per item price.  2010 has seen $355.00 of savings at Marsh so far.  That's averaging just under $60 for the six weeks of the year so far...if we keep it up we can expect savings of over $3000 at Marsh alone this year.  I like it.  :)

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