Monday, February 8, 2010

Non-weekly Marsh trip - we needed some baking items!

I swear, this happens to me every time I bake!  I was making more pumpkin chocolate chip bread oil, not enough sugar.  So - off to Marsh I went.

2 6pk 20oz bottles of Sprite was $9.78 for $3.44
2 6pk 20oz bottles of Coke Zero was $9.78 for $3.44
Perdue boneless skinless chicken was $16.48 for $7.72

Along with some of LeeAnn's favorite pasta salad from the deli, sugar, eggs, oil and a gallon of milk my total was $49.17 before card and coupon.  After my card and the coupon I had for $2.00 off four 6pks Coke products my total was $26.29, saving $22.13.  So I saved 46%.

I purchased 10 items so my cost per item was $2.63.  That makes for $269.00 in savings for 2010.

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