Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekly trip to Marsh...

So I ran to Marsh tonight, we needed some milk and bread and with the "big snow" coming I figured I'd better get it tonight - just in case.

2 Red Gold Jalapeno ketchup (had to try it!) was $3.78 for $1.89
4 Sweet Baby Rays Sweet & Sour dipping sauce was $15.32 for $7.66
2 Sweet Baby Rays Honey Mustard dipping sauce was $7.66 for $3.83
1 Edy's ice cream was $5.49 for $2.00

And of course there was bread, milk, lunch meat, yogurt and some fresh fruits in there for $48.69 before card and coupon.  After card and coupon my total was $28.75, saving $19.94 or 41%.

Total items purchased = 17
Price per item = $1.69

I've now saved $301.62 for 2010 at Marsh.  And I'm so thankful for my stocked freezer and pantry so I can run in, grab the things on sale that I want and need and get outta there and still be able to fix full meals for the week.

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