Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Budget update...

Oh Dave Ramsey - how I love thee!

Okay, well not really because I don't actually know Dave Ramsey but the lesson Brian and I continue to work on after taking his Financial Peace University class in the fall is still rocking our worlds. We started FPU in September and graduated in December. It seems like it has been so much longer that we've been out of class, on our own - trying to keep it in line and make it all work. The budget gets tweaked all the time still...still after six months of writing a paper budget I'm learning that this does work or that this doesn't work. It is a constant growing for both Brian and I and I'm loving it. Maybe it's the geek in me. And my free spirit Brian just kinda goes along with the flow. He'll check out the budget and agree to it because he's just that kinda guy (it also helps that our budget doesn't swing to extremes...when I make changes it is usually small changes).

When I last updated on January 15th we had just over $1400 to go on a school loan of mine... In just two weeks that balance is down $884.83 - it is getting smaller! We had talked of using our tax refund (what small one we get) to finish this off and start on the next debt but I think we've decided to use that refund to pay off some medical debt we have from the end of 2009 that wasn't covered by insurance or FSA funds (because we ran out of it!). But those bills are going to add up to more than what our refund will be - one bill alone is $1600+.

So I think we're going to try to offer large bills (in cash) to that one big loan to see if we can pay just part of it and still have enough left to pay off the rest as well. It could be interesting. I'll keep updating!

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