Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekly Marsh trip... Not the best but not too shabby either.

We hit up Marsh late Sunday afternoon, as we normally do.  We went in with a short list and a pretty good idea of exactly what we were getting.

Our highlights include:

Western style ribs was $7.67 for $3.15
3 Sargento cheese was $12.57 for $3.90
2 Starkist tuna pouches was $4.38 for $1.19
3 packs split breasts for $.98/lb (thanks to raincheck) was ??? for $4.50
10 Kellogg's Frosted Flakes was $29.90 for $13.50 (a bit more than my normal price for Frosted Flakes but we were OUT!)

Along with the staples - bread, milk, yogurt, fresh fruits and veggies for a total of $73.71 after card and coupons.  We saved $55.34, 43% and that doesn't include the savings with the raincheck on the chicken.  I can't remember what the price is normally but we saved at least 50% on those breasts so that would have changed the percentage a tad more too.

We bought 48 items for a total of $1.54 per item.  We've saved $246.87 in 2010 so far.  Not bad for a month into the year...

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