Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Need a blog to follow?

If you've been reading along with me, you've found mostly suggestions for deals/money saving blogs (plus one funny blog, Barefoot Foodie, who deserves another shout out).  This time though, I'm going to share a blog of a friend of mine. 

Lindsay and I actually met on the chat boards at The Nest.  She hadn't even had Ruby when I first "met" her.  She was nannying for a young girl though and was dreaming of growing her family.  When a spin off board grew from The Nest, Lindsay, myself and almost 200 other girls joined for a whole 'nother experience.

Come to find out...Lindsay is a "local" girl.  She's from Central Indiana and back in the fall of 2007, the five of us from Indiana met in Kokomo for a get together with our kids and husbands.  It was a great time and a good opportunity to put names and faces together finally.

Lindsay left the chat boards some time later and recently I've quit as well, but since she left (and probably unbeknownst to her) I've been following her blog.  I read (and cried...she makes me do that a lot really) through her pregnancy with Burke.  I've read (and rejoiced) in her and Mike's recent house buying experience.  I've laughed at the antics that Miss Ruby puts her through.  And through it all - I've never shared with her really that I follow along. 

I do post occasionally to her Facebook page...  Just a hi and how are you?  I'm afraid to tell her I follow her and I think she's the one who is going to change my life in relation to Christ and my journey with him.  I think I'm afraid because I know what I'm to face is going to be an incredible challenge but I know eventually I'm going to tell her. 

Anyways, I share all this not because I needed to but because I want you to know a little bit about Lindsay's blog before you head over.  She's sharp-witted and very good with words.  She's also very straight forward and can even be raw at times.  But I think that is why I so enjoy her blog.  She doesn't mince words at all.  She's amazing...

So, if you're looking for a blog to follow - check out Lindsay at Not To Us Psalm 115:1.  You'll get to meet her and her kiddos and her husband too.  I'm sure Lindsay will make you think twice (maybe even three of four times) about many things she shares.

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