Monday, March 1, 2010

The Marsh deals and my coupons made for a great shopping trip!

Too bad I only had $41 in cash and my total was $49.40!  I had to use the debit card this trip...I had absolutely no more cash to spare!  I think that's a first in some time...since the last week of December or so.  My great trip included:

5 Blistex was $7.95 for $1.90
2 Marsh large eggs was $3.58 for $2.36
2 Pillsbury pizza crusts was $5.98 for $.60
4 Pillsbury crescent rolls was $6.60 for $2.90
4 Betty Crocker boxed potatoes was $7.96 for $1.20
4 Act II popcorn was $11.00 for $2.00
1 All laundry detergent was $5.49 for $2.00
2 Starkist tuna pouches was $3.18 for FREE
appx 8lbs Perdue split breasts was $20.89 for $6.15

And of course there was bread, milk, cheese, fresh fruit and a few other minor staples that lead to that $49.40 total.  I save $68.05 which is 58% which makes the fact that I went over what I had by $8.00 totally worth it.

I had 45 items total, $1.10 per item and have saved $445.15 for the year.  I better slide in under budget next week!

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