Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day-after-Christmas 50% off sale...

This is the one and only time you will EVER hear me say this...but I love Walmart.  I know other stores probably do this as well but I always head to Walmart the day after Christmas and they never disappoint me.  There is no other time of the year that I even like Walmart so consider this miraculous.

Anyways, here's what I got today:

4 100ct Christmas lights (multi color) - $1.19 each
22 small tin buckets w/ lids (used for my ball treats) - $.50 each
1 18ct Princess gift tags (for a certain little girl) - $1.00
2 70sq ft wrapping paper (also Princess) - $1.50 each
2 boxes Christmas cards - $2.50 each
4 Christmas throws (I don't know how to explain them but they are delicious...even though Brian says you can't apply to word delicious to things you can't eat...) - $2.50 each
4 HUGE bags of red and green M&Ms - $4.00 each (priced $4.50 but had coupons)
1 Princess stocking (also for a certain girl who thinks she needs a pink stocking) - $6.25 (my most expensive purchase!)

All said and done - before the discounts my price (pre-tax) should have been $119.02 and I paid $61.68 (including tax).  Because everything was half off and I had two $1 coupons (for the M&Ms) I saved just over 50%.  Not too bad on items that I might have paid full price for just the day before yesterday. 

It pays to plan ahead and buy for next year...  Do you know that you need more lights for the tree (or a new tree!?) next year?  Go buy it'll save until next year!

Don't forget to check out the plates, towels, cups, tableclothes, etc that are Christmas-y too - those were all on sale as well.  My aunt bought a 4pc plate set for only $6.  And there were some Rubbermaid 4ct bowls (kinda sparkly with red or green lids) that were "Christmas" and only $1. 

And if you really want to save (but this leads to very slim pickin's) - Walmart will soon (a couple weeks maybe?) have their Christmas items marked down 75%. I can't wait that long though - I might not get what I want!

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