Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekly Shopping

I almost completely forgot about the excellent freezer deals at Marsh on much so that it was almost 10pm before I even step foot into the store. Needless to say - the items I wanted to get were out and we had to get rain checks.

What we did get includes:

2 Jack's Pizzas was $8.38 for $3.54
4 Cheezits was $15.96 for $4.56
2 Purdue boneless/skinless breasts was $21.06 for $8.93

We also got 2-liters of Coke products for New Years, Banquet meals for Brian for work, some fresh fruit, Red Baron french bread pizzas, Velveeta, Spaghettios, bread, milk, pickles (yum!), pork chops...

My total for all groceries was $112.36 before card and coupons. After card, coupons and the AWESOME $7 off of $50 in the ad (woot!) my total was $55.92, saving 50%.

39 items purchased, $1.43 per item.

Savings at Marsh for the year - $2516.32 and only three weeks to go!

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