Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekly shopping - the husband edition

If I've never said it here before - I love my husband.  Love.him.  Seriously.  Not only is he my best friend and my favoritist hubby, he's a wonderful dad and he takes really, really, really good care of us.  So this weekend was super busy for us...I didn't make it to the grocery store.  We usually make it a family outing and it just didn't happen.

So Brian and I glanced through the ads last night, I told him what coupons I thought I had for what we wanted and he said he'd go today.  And he did.  And he did AWESOME!
He got:

Center cut pork chops was $6.06 for $2.36
frozen food - not sure what but it was a rain check and whatever it was was at least 1/2 off the normal price!
two Sargento cheese was $8.38 for $4.19 (B1G1 free)
10 Hidden Valley Ranch dry ranch packets was $16.90 for $10.00
butter quarters was $3.49 for $1.99 (yes!)

Plus some canned goods, fresh fruit and the basics - milk and bread. 

The total for all groceries before card and coupons was $94.98.  After card and coupons and the SECOND AWESOME $7 off $50 coupon in the ad (woot again!) the total was $53.07, saving 44%.

Considering he only used five coupons (including the $7 off $50) - I am WAY impressed with his shopping!  EVERYTHING he bought (minus some of the fresh fruit) was either on sale or he had a coupon or both.  I love my husband!

Total items purchased was 37, making it $1.43 per item.

Savings to date at Marsh is $2569.72 and there are only TWO shopping weekends left in 2009! 

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