Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dave Ramsey $10 book special...

Do you know Dave Ramsey?  If you don't...I wish you did!  He and his teaching have totally changed the way Brian and I look at our money and how we talk about it.  Brian and I have never been fighters/arguers but talking about money just made me ill.  There was never enough, he wanted to know where it was and I had no answers.  We both got tired of our money running out before the end of the month.  We now tell our money (every stinkin' single red cent of it!) where to go every month.

Anyways...  Right now at Dave Ramsey's website he has a special going on where if you buy any 10 of his $10 items (which is most of his books) you get five copies of Total Money Makeover for FREE (yeah - did you see the lights in my eyes at that one!?).

So one of the girls that did FPU with me (that I also work with) and I decided to go together and get 10 books (plus the five free) and split them.

What should have cost us $311.82 (plus shipping) was only $100 (including shipping!  If you spend over $65 then shipping is free right now too.).  Ohmygosh!  That is MASSIVE savings!  We saved like 66% on these books.  What a great deal.  And the best thing?  I'm going to soon be blessing four friends (and/or family members) with a copy of TMMO and the workbook that goes with it.  I hope it changes them like it changed us.

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