Saturday, December 26, 2009

Marsh ad highlights - 12/26 to 12/30 (shorter week this week!)

Because of the Christmas holiday, the shopping week at Marsh got shortened but the deals were not!  There are still lots of deals to be had this week...

Fresh ground chuck - $1.48/lb (save $1.71/lb - more than 50% off)
Breyers Ice cream - 2/$5 (save $6.38 on two - more than 50% off)
Jack's or Tony's Pizzas - 5/$10 (only $2 per pizza)
Fresh Grade 'A' Perdue chicken - 40% off (not the best prices...but better than full price!)
Lay's Potato Chips - $1.98 (save $2.01 - more than 50% off)
Marsh milk - $1.98
6-pack 7-up - Buy 2 get 3 free (save $11.97 on five)
Kraft Velveeta - $3.99 (only saving $.50 but this rarely goes on sale - good with coupons that were out recently)
Creamette pasta - B1G1 free (50% off)
18ct Marsh large eggs - $.179
Cheez-Its - $1.89 (for the big box!)

So...see all those items that are at least 50% off, those will be the ones I purchase and depending on the space I have (on the shelves and in the freezer) I'll be buying multiples...enough to hopefully last me until the next time the item goes on sale.  Will I NEED four blocks of Kraft Velveeta?  No way but it keeps for a while and we use it quite a bit, so why not buy it when it is on sale and I have a $1 coupon for it?  Same with the ground chuck - we'll buy 10lbs (the limit).  We won't use it all right away but why wait?  No reason to pay $3.19/lb for it when I can get it for only $1.48, right?

If you think Marsh is too expensive you're probably right - if you're just going in there and buying whatever floats your boat.  If you go in with a list and a plan and buy the things on sale then you're going to find you'll get better deals than other places (without coupons even).  If you're a couponer on top of a bargain hunter then your savings at Marsh will be even better. 

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