Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Marsh ad highlights - 12/17 to 12/24. That's eight days of savings!

Need some ham? Any type of ham? Well then you better head to Marsh. Again this week they have hams on sale:

Indiana Kitchen Spiral Sliced Ham - $1.68/lb (save $1.31/lb - almost half price)
Cumberland Gap or Cook's Half Semi-Boneless Ham - $1.49/lb (save $1/lb)
Cumberland Gap or Cook's Whole Semi-Boneless Ham - $1.17/lb (save $1.22/lb - more than half)
Sugardale Prestige Whole Ham - $.97/lb (save $1.02/lb - more than half)
Sugardale Prestige Fully Cooked Ham - $.67/lb (save $1.12/lb - more than half)

And if turkey is what you prefer - there are coupons in the ad for fresh or frozen Norbest or Butterball Turkeys or Marsh Honey Gold Spiral Sliced Ham ($14 or $8 off depending on the size).

Already got your meat for the holiday? Stick around - there are more awesome deals this week at Marsh!

Perdue Split Chicken Breasts - $.98/lb (save $2.01/lb - approximately 66% savings)
Tennessee Pride roll sausge - 2/$4 (save $3.38 on two - almost half)
Center Cut Whole Boneless Pork Loin - $1.68/lb (save $2.31/lb - more than half)
Kraft cheese - 1/2 price
Lay's potato chips - B1G1 free (half price)
10lb bag Idaho Russet potatoes - B1G1 free (half price)
Marsh bread - 5/$5 (save $2.50 on five or $.50 each)
Marsh milk - $1.98/gallon
12-pack 7-Up, Pepsi or Coke - 4/$10 (save $7.56 or more on four) Limit 1 offer
Oscar Mayer sliced bacon - B1G1 free
Buddig thin sliced meats (great for cheeseballs and pickle wraps!) - 2/$1 (save $.98 on two - almost half)
Post Cereals - $1.49/box (when you buy two) - save $1 instantly
Dole canned fruit - 5/$5
Domino sugar - B1G1 free (half price)
Betty Crocker boxed potatoes - 10/$10 (paired with current coupons you can get a box for as little as $.30)
Chex cereals - $1.49/box (when you buy three) - save $3 instantly
Thomas' english muffins - B1G1 free (half price)
Pop Secret popcorn - B1G1 free (half price)
Sara Lee pies - 50% off
Marsh large eggs - $1.79
Keebler Cheez-Its or Chips Deluxe - $1.89 (saves $2 on Cheez-Its, not sure on cookies)
Scotch Magic Tape - $.99 (save $.70 - almost half) - get it now for next year's Christmas!

So for those of you out there who don't coupon...this is a GREAT way to stock up on some items at 50% off. There are several items in the ad that are at least half off (or pretty darn close) and some that are more than half off. If you've got the space for one, do you have space for the other (all the B1G1 free things)? Think creatively if them under your bed or in some unused space in a closet. Dry goods will keep for a long time...the expiration date is just guideline. And the Kraft cheese? FREEZE IT!  If you don't have the space?  Get the B1G1 free items and give the extra to someone who needs it (Salvation Army?  church pantry?) or go in with a friend and split the price in half and you both get one whole item. 

And for your other items? If they are priced too high at Marsh - go back to your normal shopping spot. If you think you don't have time to shop two stores...make a list for Marsh, know exactly what you are buying and get only those items - you'll be out in no time. Good luck!

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