Monday, December 28, 2009

Weekly shopping - we went over budget!

We did awesome great okay not so hot on our grocery trip this week.  Both Brian and I are home all week (yay vacation!) and sat down together today to make a menu of items for lunches and dinners for the full week.  And we bought that much food too.  Needless to say, we went over budget.  We had $27 left from recent weeks and still didn't have enough.  Brian pulled $9 in cash from his pocket and we STILL didn't have enough.  So the $75 (for the week) and $27 (leftover) and the $9 (from Brian's pocket) will be deposited to the account tomorrow because we had to use our debit card.  *gasp*

So what did we get?

2 Kraft shredded cheese was $6.58 for $2.38
2 Kraft Velveeta was $8.98 for $5.98
2 Breyers ice cream was $11.38 for $3.50
2 Creamette spaghetti was $3.38 for $1.69 (B1G1 free)
Western BBQ ribs was $8.53 for $3.50
appx. 10 lbs ground chuck was $29.92 for $13.88

Along with cottage cheese, yogurt, sliced cheese, lunch meat, bread, milk, pasta sauce, taco shells and many other small'ish things.

The two items that totally threw us over budget?  A delicious bottle of Reggae White from Easley Winery ($6.59) and a 12pk of Blue Moon ($12.99).

So the total before coupons and card was $183.30.  And after coupons and card our total was $113.14, saving a small 39%.  If we had paid for the alcohol seperately, our savings would have been closer to 45%. 

Our total items purchased was 63, making the price per item $1.79.  Ouch!  Once again...the alcohol creamed us!  Oh well - we are preparing for the New Year's celebration and since all food is already purchased, we figured we might as well get the alcohol now. 

So for the year at Marsh we have saved $2754.69 and I'd guess we averaged between 40% - 50% on most trips.  Meaning what could have cost us closer to $5000 didn't.  No more shopping trips in the year 2009 - there's no money left to do it with!

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