Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekly Shopping

After stockpile trip and stockpile trip and stockpile trip - our grocery trip this time was small. I still did very well though.

I only bought five different items:

Perdue split chicken breasts was $10.46 for $3.43.
Ground chuck was $16.08 for $7.46.
Marsh 1% (no 2% in the store!) gallon of milk for $1.98.
LeeAnn's favorite Yoplait yogurt $.68.
LeeAnn's favorite pasta salad from the deli - approx. 1/2lb for 1.02.

My total for all groceries was $31.04 before card and coupons.
After card (no coupons!) my total was $14.57, saving 53%!

9 items purchased, $1.618 per item (no bad when including ground chuck!).

Savings at Marsh for the year is up to $2459.45 - only four weeks to go!

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