Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Wednesday Marsh/Walmart/Marsh trip...

Yes...I went to all three and in that order. I had a deal at Marsh that I wanted to get but wasn't sure how many times I could do it in one trip so I did it twice, went to Walmart to price match a few things and then went back to Marsh to finish up my trip.

At Marsh I bought six Chex cereals, five Betty Crocker cake mixes and six icings, four Blistex, four Green Giant steamers, three gallons of apple cider (gotta love rain checks!), one box of Tyson nuggets (easy for Brian to fix while he heals from surgery) and one 32 load Snuggle fabric softener.

Total before Marsh card and coupons? $71.07
Total after Marsh card and coupons? $26.53 - that's 63% savings (saved $44.54) and doesn't factor in the fact that I saved $3/gallon on the cider. So I actually saved more like $53 and the percentage should be higher.


I left Marsh and headed to Walmart. There I bought six Skippy peanut butters and eight boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios.

Total before price matching? $38.40
Total after price matching and coupons? $14.60 - that's also around 64% savings.


And then back to Marsh. This trip got me a loaf of Aunt Millie's bread, a gallon of Marsh milk and another six boxes of Chex cereal.

Total before Marsh card and coupons? $24.02
Total after Marsh card and coupons? $8.61 - that's 64% savings

Total before sales/coupons/price matching: $133.49
Total after all of those: $49.74
Total items 52, price per item is $.956 - which is all a bit skewed due to the apple cider. Darn stuff!


Normally Brian and I set a $75 per week grocery budget. Here in the last two weeks though there have been some exceptional items that we use/need/want on sale that combined with coupons really become cheap and stockpile well. If you go back and read through all of that again you'll notice I bought 20 boxes of cereal tonight. Yes 20 boxes. The Chex doesn't go on sale often enough, they don't expire until 10/10 and Brian can have his favorite cereal for months to come at only $1/box (my goal price for cereal). Do I normally buy that much cereal at once? Nope. Would my weekly budget allow for it? Nope. But we sat down together and decided that pulling $40 from savings this week to cover this trip (I had $10 leftover from this week still) was well worth it to us to get these items stockpiled.

Do I recommend this for everyone? Of course not... You have to have the space, time and want to be able to do it and make it work. Does it work for us? Yes! That is why we do it! I now have probably 30 boxes of cereal in my basement. Would I buy more next week if I could get it down to $1/box? You better betcha.

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