Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Wednesday night Kroger trip:

I spent most of Wednesday at a friend's house. She has an 11 week old at home and just had back surgery Monday. Due to restrictions, she couldn't lift Miss A and her mom had to return home before her husband got home from work/school so I volunteered to hang out and help. Let me tell you, snuggling that baby girl was easy! She is a good baby and seeing my friend was nice...we got to chat and coupon and just relax and vegetate. Wednesday is the end of the sale week for our Kroger and after looking through the ad and the coupons (what I had and what we clipped) I realized I could get some good bargains.

$94.54 later I walked out of Kroger with a bazillion bags of groceries (and that might be a small exaggeration). I saved $123.96 - that's like 56%! Yes I spent a ton of money (money that I didn't even have in the grocery envelope) but Brian and I decided to pull from savings to give us some stocking power and stocking we did!

My best deals? I got 15 boxes of Stove Top stuffing for $12 - that's $.80 per box. Normal price? $2.26.

Also I got:
Bounty paper towels $4.99/six pack
Kraft cheese items (24pk slices and 12pk string) $2.49 (excellent price for the string!)
Betty Crocker boxed cheesy potatoes $.29/box (normally $1.97)
Franks Hot Sauce $.49/bottle
Del Monte canned veggies $.50/can
French's Fried Onions $1.49/can
Bob Evans roll sausage $1.44/roll
Snuggle softner -$.49 (they paid me to buy it!!!)

Total items 77, price per item $1.22 which isn't too bad considering the starting price on some of those items.

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