Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Already broke my own rules...

I told myself that I'd do this daily - whether it was a quick update or a deal that couldn't be beat and you know what? Yesterday was my second day and I missed it!

My reasoning is good though - or at least I think it is. I was in bed at 8:00 last night! LeeAnn and I got home from seeing my mom and grandma (so glad they were able to go to Kentucky, so glad to have them home though!) and picking up some medicine at CVS..and she was so tired! So we just went straight upstairs and got ready for bed and crashed. I'm sure I dozed off before 9:00 but when Brian called on lunch, he woke me. I called my mom back too but I'm sure I was asleep again by 9:30.

Ahhhhhhhh...what nine hours of sleep will do for one!

So, I know no one is reading this yet but here's my apology! I'll do better next time.

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