Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So I have this baby cousin. Her name is Dee. Well, not really but that's what I call her.

Dee is amazing. She is my rock. She is my sounding board. She keeps me sane when I'm not. She is my insanity when I'm sane. She holds me when I cry and cries from laughing when I snort. When I call her and say "Dee" in just that tone of voice she KNOWS what it is that I need from her. She always laughs when I say "don't you hate it when" and remembers the first time we uttered those words together. She knows my secrets. She knows my dreams. She knows ME and she is STILL my best friend.

So, today we talk and I knew instantly that something was up. But you know what? She's FINE. She's more than fine. She's amazing. She just doesn't realize it yet. She will though. She'll be fine and look back one day and say "Thank you God for making me do that, I appreciate what it taught me." She might think I'm crazy now (which maybe I am a bit) but she'll get to that point eventually.

For now though - I'm looking forward to seeing her this weekend...talking and laughing and being together. It doesn't happen often enough and I love every minute we have together.

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