Sunday, November 29, 2009

Marsh's Triple Coupon event - another stockpile opportunity!

I hit Marsh on Saturday, right after work (I couldn't make myself go first thing in the morning and was afraid to wait until after our family dinner so I scrambled and made it in in the early afternoon) and I am so glad I did!

I bought quite a bit of stuff...those items include Reames noodles, frozen veggies, Eckrich smoked sausage, Land of Lakes butter spread, Mentos gum, Totinos, Betty Crocker cookie mixes, Blistex, Starkist Tuna pouch, Kleenex and Bertolli pasta sauce.

Total before Marsh card and coupons? $111.01
Total after Marsh card and coupons? $43.59 - that's 61% savings (saved $67.42).

My best deals?
Reames noodles $2.65 - $.15 (sale price) - $.55(x3) = $.85/bag
Mentos gum $1.59 - $.55(x3) = $0 (actually -$.06 but they don't do overages)
Betty Crocker cookie mixes $2.49 - $.83 (sale price) - $.40(x3) = $.46/bag
Texas Toast croutons $1.99 - $.55(x3) = $.34

And once again - as I go through my receipt - I've found something that didn't ring the correct price. The Eckrich sausage had a tag that listed them at 2/$5 but I paid $3.99 each. Boo. And I bought five of them! I think I'm taking my receipt back to Marsh to get this one fixed - that's a pretty big difference in my opinion.

As it stands right now though my number of items purchased is 48 making the price per item just .908 - not bad when factoring in my mis-priced sausage and everything I bought.

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