Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekly Shopping

We hit Marsh tonight... The savings on the receipt doesn't LOOK that good but it really is! The bad thing? We went in list-less. Ugh. Shopping without a list and a meal plan in mind is a BAD thing. Seriously.

Okay, so we took advantage of the Jennie-O turkey breasts on sale. The two breasts were 14.37 and 14.69 and we saved 17.38 on both of those - more than 50%!

Also we bought some Purnell Sausage 2/$4 - which saved us $3.78, so almost half.

The BEST deal...we were finally able to use the rain check from their SUPER AMAZING meat sale a few Saturdays ago.

We got two pork loins (marked between $22 and $25 each) and paid $16.38 for BOTH of them. How awesome is that?

So we saved $27.16 on our order today...that was 30% savings. Definitely not our best...better than nothing at all though! And that also doesn't factor in the savings on the pork loin (because of the way it is rang up - it actually skews the numbers some).

Our year to date savings at Marsh is: $2177.08 and we've still got almost two full months to go.

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