Monday, November 9, 2009

Looking for cheap Christmas gifts?

I saw a report on the local news channel at noon today about a deal at Toys R Us.

Here is the link to that report on WTHR Channel 13: This link shows the link to both the Hasbro rebate and the games at TRU.

If you buy $25 in Hasbro games at Toys R Us you get a $10 gift card from TRU. Then there is a rebate available from Hasbro for $2 - $3 per game (for certain games). So you spend $28 on games (seven games @ $3.99 each), get a $10 gift card plus get $2 back for each game ($14). $28 - $10 - $14 = $4 for seven games.

It looks like you'll have to get to Toys R Us by 11/14 (this Saturday) to take advantage of the $10 gift card. But the Hasbro rebate is good through 1/31/10 - so even then you can still get some games for decent prices!

Happy shopping!

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