Thursday, July 1, 2010

Record your Life... Was I a second grader?

If I was, I don't remember it!  Is it bad that nothing sticks out from second grade? I mean, I remember little things - like that was the year my brother started kindergarten and the year my mom started working for the school system. That was the year we were introduced to a reading program where we read a book and then took a test and I was the first student to read through every level and pass all the tests. Our Girl Scout troop took a field trip to the Indianapolis Zoo that year - I even have pictures of my and my best friend in our Brownie uniforms and pigtails. And my favorite part of the school day was when I got to go to school early with my mom and brother and was able to visit the other second grade teacher and play with her ticky-tack stuff that she used to put posters on the wall (I was easily amused - what can I say!?).

Why is it I can't remember anything big from that year? Did nothing exciting happen that year? Was second grade really so boring that nothing sticks in my mind?

So, what happened in 1983, the year I would have started 2nd grade?

Pet Sematary and Christine by Stephen King were two of the top five fiction books for the year (and I've read neither!).

The last Delorean (the car from Back to the Future) was produced.

The final episode of M.A.S.H. aired with more than 125 million viewers (which I know I watched!).

Rubik's Cube and Cabbage Patch Kids were popular (although I probably had neither at that time...).

The 1983 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress are all for the movie "Terms of Endearment" (which I've never heard of).

In 1983, the 26th Grammy Awards granted Michael Jackson four awards (for "Thriller", "Beat It" and "Billie Jean").

The Washington Redskins beat the Miami Dolphins 27 - 17 in the 1983 Super Bowl and the Baltimore Orioles beat the Philadelphia Phillies (4-1) in the World Series Championship.

Of the top 19 shows in 1983, I don't remember really watching any of them. I recognize the names of shows ("Dallas", "60 Minutes" and "Dynasty" top the list). I know I watched others in reruns ("The Jeffersons", "The Love Boat" and "Kate and Allie").

And in 1983 Reagan was President, the unemployment rates was 9.6%, you could buy a new Ford Escort for $6900 and a loaf of bread was $.66 (with coupons I can beat that!).

So maybe second grade didn't happen?  It almost feels that way.  But really, I KNOW I went through second grade.  My teacher was Mrs Borges and we called her Gorgeous Borges (although she wasn't was just what rhymed!).  And I do remember my mom starting work and walking to school with my brother and reading through that whole reading system.  But nothing big must have happened for me that year.  That's okay though, I have plenty of other memories to reflect on!

This is my fourth posting at Mommy's Piggy TALES recording my memories in just 15 weeks. If you're interested in doing the same for yourself, swing by her place to check it out!

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  1. Sounds like you have some good memories even if they aren't 'big' ones! Honestly I don't have many big memories from this year either, so I just wrote about one of my favorite books from that age (generally- I checked out that book as often as I could for years!).
    Thank you for sharing the little things you do remember, and even some of the stats, they were interesting to reflect on!

  2. I'm definitely having a hard time with the current years we're writing about. 2nd grade & 3rd grade are hazy for me. But then I start having way more memories & I'm wondering how I'll fit it all in!! Hopefully you'll remember more later!