Saturday, July 3, 2010

I finally found my CVS receipt from last week...

I had some ECBs that had just expired (the 21st) and one of our CVSs in town takes them within a week or so.  I had no idea what was on sale or what was generating more ECBs and since I haven't been following CVS anyways, I just decided to spend them to get rid of them while still getting a good deal.  Here's what I got:

2 Soft Soap body was $9.98 for $4.79 ($.20 off and B1G1 FREE)
1 Dove candy bar was $.89 for -$1.11 (coupon for free candy bar or $2.00 off a bag, and it still took $2.00 off)
1 Dentyne gum $1.29

Subtotal -$.03 (yep, before tax they owed me money)
Tax $.49
Total $.46
Saved $12.19 (like 99% savings)

And I didn't take money from the grocery envelope or use my CVS card - I just dug $.46 in change from the bottom of my purse and paid with that. Woohoo!

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